The street children in Balochistan, who roam the streets for their survival, have become a very common sight. The Society for Empowering Human Resources (SEHR) estimated that around 15,000 street children are present in Quetta, out of which 60 percent are scavengers. The exact number is unknown, and can be three times higher than the given data. Majority of these children live in neighbourhoods populated by Afghan refugees while some beggars and garbages pickers come from Sindh and other neighbouring places. Unfortunately, street children face sexual and physical abuse, drug abuse, and exploitation. These children do not have access to health, nutrition, hygiene, or legal support. Every morning children take their bags and attend classes, but what about the street children who pick up their garbage bags and head out for the streets. They even indulge in inject drugs which exposes them to deadly diseases. I would like to request the concerned authorities to provide them with basic rights and enrol them in schools to protect their career.


Turbat September 25.