LAHORE (PR) - A big solo exhibition of major art work of well-known Pakistani artist of international repute and fame, Jimmy Engineer, is being held at the Revivers Galleria in Gulberg here from May 15. The exhibition titled For the eyes only will continue as usual for a fortnight till May 29.Jimmy Engineers art work is being displayed at such large scale in the provincial metropolis after many years. The prominent artist has already announced that proceeds from the sale of canvass prints of his selected major art work will be donated towards charity. such as the fun, food and awareness programmes for the special children, welfare and well-being of the poor and needy people including the orphans and widows. Limited edition canvass prints of Jimmy Engineers paintings will be numbered and autographed at the back and as such will not be sold during the period exhibition is in progress at the Revivers Galleria. However, the interested art lovers and collectors can book their orders with the owner/curator of the Revivers Galleria Ms Sara Anjum and can have these prints after the exhibition has concluded.