Karachi- Sindh Rangers have updated its list of most wanted criminals and dispatched it to Chief Minister Sindh Qaim Ali Shah .

The updated list included 86 new names of most wanted persons belonging to Karachi-based political party, militant groups and outlawed organizations which have been responsible for the unrest in the port city. Some high-profile names are included in the list who are involved in targeted killings and other acts of terrorism, extortion, cases of kidnapping for ransom and sectarian violence in the troubled city. DG Rangers has forwarded the list to CM Sindh and requested to put head money on these criminals. According to new list, 38 most wanted criminals belong to MQM, 10 to ANP, 10 to Sipah Sahaba, 9 to Lashkar-e-Jhagzavi and Peoples Peace Committee. This list was prepared with input of intelligence reports and Red-book of CID. DG Rangers said adding that two more similar lists were being prepared and are in pipeline.