BAHAWALPUR - Jamaat-e-Islami Punjab Ameer Dr Syed Wasim Akhtar said that Jamaat vehemently condemned the restoration of accounts of Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf in rental power projects (RPPs) case by NAB.

"Rental power scandal is the biggest corruption Case in the country history and it's appeared that corruption and protection of the corrupt elements has become agenda of the Pakistan People's Party."

Talking to The Nation here on Monday, the JI Punjab ameer said that the government, through record corruption and ill-conceived policies had snatched the last bite of loaf from the masses' mouth.

Dr Wasim asserted that summoning American ambassadors to foreign office on drone attacks was nothing more than a show-off. The government is responsible for the killings of innocent peoples in drone attacks," he declared.

If Iran can develop drone landing technology so why can't Pakistan do this? Pakistani leaders policies have pushed the country into the US slavery and has made Pakistan an American dependant state," he pointed out, adding that political leaders and armed forces needed to assure the nation by calling it a day to military operation in Waziristan.

The JI stalwart emphasised that Pakistan could no more bear the loss of financial resources and human lives in "what he called" the war of America. The political leadership and Army bigwigs must rise to the prevailing challenges and hold dialogues with all the offenders," he elaborated.

He said that the days of the rulers were numbered and timely elections were the only remedy to the crisis the country confronted with.

The nation needs to learn from its past mistakes and elect honest and patriotic leadership to heal the country's wounds and put it on the path to prosperity," he stressed.

To a question, Dr Wasim Akhthar said that the government decision to end prepaid cellular service phased-wise reflected the incapability and ineptitude of the incumbent rulers. Millions of people will be affected with closure of prepaid sims, he added. The JI leader claimed that the masses had been suffering from such imprudent and ill-planned decision since the present government had come to power.