ISLAMABAD- Peace and justice are among the essentials that can end the human sufferings caused by wars, insurgencies and terrorism around the world. The Netherlands together with World Press Photo, the city of The Hague and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has launched a Cartoon Movement that will involve cartoonists, photographers and students from across the world in a global debate about peace and justice.

In connection with the movement, The Netherlands in collaboration with Sir Syed Institute of Leadership organised a session of lecture and demonstration in cartooning by Nigar Nazar, first woman cartoonist of Pakistan, at Sir Syed Auditorium on Wednesday.

Nazar who created Gogi, a cartoon character, delivered lecture and demonstrated how a cartoon was developed. She said that one could start making effort with just a random doodling on a piece of paper.

Nazar adeptly exhibited developing a whole cartoon character in various steps and then conveying different political and social messages and different emotions through them with creativity.

"When you think about peace and justice you start talking about them and then, finally, you have them," she said, adding that cartoons could be very powerful if they had a punch otherwise they would be just illustrations. Her every stroke added further meaning to the message or emotion conveyed by the cartoons. Nazar used the peace sign, dove and the olive branch, the symbols of peace, together with cartoons to communicate message of peace, harmony and reconciliation.

Marcel de Vink, the ambassador of The Netherlands, urged Pakistani students to participate in the international cartoon competition saying that every individual had a responsibility to make the world a safer and more just place.

"You are the ambassadors of tomorrow and are not only representatives of Pakistan but also global citizens. Each of you has a voice and this competition is for you to raise that voice and share your feelings and expressions on peace and justice at an international platform," he said while addressing the students.

Talking to The Nation, the ambassador said that breaking the rules would bring chaos and that differences must be resolved peacefully. Regarding the current political scenario in Pakistan he said, "If there are disputes people should talk to each other with respect for the rule of law because dialogue is the best way to solve disputes." He said that one couldn't have peace without justice.

Those interested to participate in this movement can upload their ideas, sketches or photos at after logging in with username PeaceJustice and password Article90.

At the end of the project, the ten best cartoons, selected by an international jury, will be displayed at the Peace Palace in The Hague on the International Day of Peace.