The service road in city Sambrial has been ruined soon after it was completed at a cost of Rs35 million.

Sources in the FWO on condition of anonymity said that the project of Sialkot Sambrial road had been completed as per the approved design. The service roads have been completed. The sources said that curbstone was being removed at the personal desire of some official violating all the rules and regulations.

The levels of Sambrial road and the GT Road and the quality of material used in the construction of these roads are different which causes accidents. Resultantly, the ratio of accidents has risen. In the last 3 days, six accidents took place in which 2 precious lives expired and six others were injured.

The public demanded that the GT road service road should be distinguished to avoid accidents and to save the public money. Removal of curbstone has resulted in the loss of millions of rupees before the completion of the projects.