This world we live in is inhabited by countless people, some of them formed into sections undiscovered uptil now owing to geographical distances or neglected due to discriminating governmental policies. Good storytellers, however, keep all boundaries aside and take us into those unknown lands and acquaint us with new people possessing rituals unique to them. In Pakistan, when it comes to the genre of Drama, writers like Noor-ul-Huda Shah and Mustafa Afridi have done this job and have introduced us to novel traditions existing within Pakistan yet unheard of.

In the end of September this year, Sindhi poetess, activist and writer, Attiya Dawood is also bringing one such story for the Pakistani viewers. To be aired on A-Plus, the drama serial is titled “Deedan” and will be starring Mohib Mirza, Huma Nawab, Sanam Saeed, Tipu Sharif, Laila Zuberi, Sarfraz Ashraf, Ajab Gul, Rashid Naz, Hassan Noman and Minsa Malik. The serial is shot in Hunza, one of the most beautiful mountainous areas of Pakistan.

While relating the idea of the story to The Nation, the writer, Attiya Dawood said:

“Deedan” is the story of people dwelling in a small village of a beautiful mountainous land. It is the story of people who have traditions known to themselves only, who are firm in their decisions and who are true to their relations.

The most beautiful thing about this project is its richness of culture. It is pleasant to see “Deedan” bringing together Attiya Dawood, a popular writer from Sindh, Amin Iqbal, the veteran director from Lahore and a story set in Hunza. In this regard, Amin Iqbal has to say that it is in “Pakistan” that we are making this serial without considering these boundaries. He also said:

The brilliance in Attiya Dawood’s writing inclined me to go for this script.

“Deedan” further becomes an object of curiosity owing to its inclusion of actors who are coming back on television after a long time. Mohib Mirza and Sanam Saeed have been off the small screen for quite some years and we are inquisitive about the surprises they have in store for us related to their performances. Veteran actors like Huma Nawab, Rashid Naz, Ajab Gul and Laila Zuberi are always a treat to watch. Whereas Hassan Noman and Tipu Sharif are concerned, we are yet to see how both of them are able to finely distinguish themselves from their characters in “Sang-e-Marmar”, an apparently similar story set in the mountains of Pakistan.

We wish A-Plus the best of luck with “Deedan”.