NEW DELHI: Two people died and 28 people were injured after a train derailed in India on Wednesday. At least two people died and 28 were injured Wednesday after a train derailed in north India, close to the site of a previous rail accident that killed 146.

More than a dozen coaches of an express train went off track in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh close to the site of a rail accident which had killed 146 people last month.

Government officials at the location said that some of the coaches had crashed into each other and turned sideways, subsequently coming off tracks.

Kanpur Police Inspector General Zaki Ahmad said, "We can confirm two deaths and injuries to at least 28 persons, who are admitted at different hospitals around Kanpur. The incident happened around 5:30am. There were passengers, other than the 28, who'd received minor injuries and left after receiving first aid.”

Indian Railways Minister Suresh Prabhu said that senior officials from the department had immediately gone to the site of the accident.

He tweeted, "Immediate medical help being provided to the injured. Mobilised resources, directed all concerned to ensure rescue and relief."