As for ISIS, it was concocted by Obama. He is directly responsible for all terrorism that ISIS is accused of. In the famous movie Cleopatra which most of White America has seen, particularly the older generation, Cleopatra, Elizabeth Taylor, acts as Egyptian goddess ISIS. The Sci-fiction movie John Carter (2012) had a goddess named ISUS in it, a broad hint. Obama hated me, and he hated Islam. He wanted to prevent conversions to Islam which was prior to ISIS terror, the world’s fastest growing religion. That is why he decided to link a terror group with Sunni Islam. Furthermore, when he found out that I knew about ISIS, he switched to calling it ISIL. Al-Baghdadi is a US Agent. The foot soldiers of ISIS are brainwashed idiots. ISIS no more represents Islam than a rabid dog represents non-trinity Christ faith, which is the only true faith that will lead to salvation among Christ followers. I firmly believe that in Summer 2014, the Iraqi army was ordered to cut and run, leaving Mosul and all their equipment behind for ISIS to capture. Obama is a devil. 

I should make something clear. As a Muslim, and a Pakistani-American, I still love America, but I have discovered that the gods of America have feet of clay. I have no problem with any American Constitutional ideals, provided USA Lives up to those ideals, which I cherish deeply in my heart. I believe in Freedom. I encourage all adults worldwide to read The American Declaration of Independence and US Constitution (only 10 pages long which one does not need to be a lawyer to comprehend), and particularly The Bill of Rights. 


USA, February 15.