KARACHI          -            Inspector General of Police (IGP) Sindh Dr Kaleem Imam on Thursday appeared before the Sindh High Court (SHC) and said that the police had revisited its standard operating procedures (SOPs) adopted while probing the rape cases.He said that the SOPs were now referred to the provincial cabinet for approval.

During a hearing at the top provincial court to review unsatisfactory probe into the rape cases, the IGP Sindh and officials from the provincial health department appeared before the court.

The top cop of the province and home department submitted their reports carrying recommendations to improve probe in rape cases.

The report said that 100 percent amounts were paid to conduct DNA tests in rape cases. “We have redrafted the SOPs to be followed by police while probing these cases,” the IGP said adding that the home ministry had also conveyed a summary to the Chief Minister for more funds required in the investigation process.

When asked by the court if the decisions had been ratified by the provincial authorities, the IGP Sindh said that the cabinet was yet to assent the recommendations. The health authorities also submitted before the court that advance payments were made for performing DNAs in rape cases.

It was pertinent to mention here that the Sindh High Court expressed its dismay over the IGP Sindh during the hearing on February 13.

The court admonished the Sindh police authorities for their non-serious behaviour saying as to how a conviction could be made in such cases if there was a delay of two years in DNA reports. The IGP Sindh offered the court to submit a detailed report regarding progress in all rape cases registered in the province within a week.