The 20s are a difficult time period for everyone. You jump from being a student to a confused person trying to figure out the meaning of life at a 9-5 job. Some try stretching their student life as much as possible only to figure out it's just not the same when you're working to get a PhD as it was when you were trying to pass that one last undergrad course. Personal lives, too, tend to get difficult. Everyone you know is either getting married or is having children. You, on the other hand, are still wondering what your mom is going to make for dinner when you get home. In Pakistan, of course, there is the constant pressure from relatives, relatives of relatives and their relatives too in this regard. Here is a compilation of a few things that single people get to hear at Pakistani weddings:

1) "Agli baari tumhari hai" - You're next!

This continues at weddings till you seriously start believing life to be a game of 'tag'.

2) "Tumhari baari bhe ajae gi" - Your day will come too

Ummm, thank you? This is basically a more sympathetic version of the first comment. This usually starts coming in when either the aunties at the wedding don't think you'll ever find anyone or you just aren't marriage material.

3) "Woh larka kon hai photo mein?" - Who is that guy in the photograph?

Beware! Putting up a photograph with your friend, your neighbour, your boss, your gardener will attract the wedding aunties. Since you are in your 20s, any man you meet is probably a potential life partner.

4) "Itna parh ke kia kerna hai? " - Why do you want to study so much?

Even if you have a PhD, you're obviously going to be taking care of the cookinga nd cleaning at your husband's house, right? Why do you want to waste so much time studying?

5) Boyfriend?!

This is basically going to be the reaction you'll get from most uncles and aunties when you tell them you're happily dating someone and might eventually marry them too.