KARACHI (PR): Sindh Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Friday sealed a textile mill – Liberty Mills Limited – for violation of Environment Protection Law 2014. According to a press release, EPA received complaints that the mill was operating a coal-based power plant due to which toxic smoke was badly affecting the labourers and the surroundings. While taking action on the complains, EPA issued an Environmental Protection Order to the Liberty Mills and provided an opportunity of personal hearing to the mill to inquire why the mill was violating the law. In a response, the mill claimed that they are not violating Environmental Law, but they failed to present any evidence in this regard. Upon which, the EPA issued another notice to the mill and the mill did not responded to it. While taking action against the mill, EPA observation team - led by Deputy Director Waris Gabol - with the assistance of police sealed the mill. It is pertinent to mention here that EPA has speedup the action against the factories and hospitals violating the Environmental Law.