LAHORE - Most of the criminals wanted by the City Police in theft cases, robberies, street crimes, vehicle lifting incidents, heinous crimes or other antisocial activities belong to the adjoining or nearby districts of Lahore. They commit crime and within no time return to their native areas which serve as safe havens for them. This is the crux of the report prepared by the City Police for the consumption of their superiors and political masters to devise a future strategy to eliminate crimes from the City. The report says that the criminals belonging to far-flung areas do not prefer Lahore for criminal activities, as it requires them at least 5 hours to flee from the City using highways after committing a crime. It says that the number of the criminals hailing from far-flung areas and wanted by the City Police can be counted on fingers. For instance, the report adds, Islamabad situated at one end has a very small number of criminals, which is 35. As compared to the Federal capital, Sheikhupura District, which is closer to Lahore, harbours a large number of criminals. From Sheikhupura alone, some 1,416 outlaws are wanted by the City Police. Similarly, 1,060 belonging to Kasur and five criminals from Rajanpur have been registered for their criminal activities in the City. The report assessing the crime patterns provides statistics about the miscreants belonging to all 35 districts of the province and wanted by the Lahore police in various crimes. The report traces the people of adjoining districts most active in committing crime in the City. The data of the criminals compiled by the City Police is about the proclaimed offenders (POs), court absconders (CAs) and target offenders (TAs) wanted in criminal cases registered against them in various police stations of the City. Some of the criminals are wanted in a dozen of cases alone. Sheikhupura, Kasur and Faisalabad districts are most notorious for the Lahore police. To a lesser extent than the preceding districts, Gujranwala District is also harbouring a large number of criminals, the report adds. As many as 1,416 criminals including POs, CAs and TAs are residing permanently at Sheikhupura, 1,060 at Kasur, 707 belong to Faisalabad, 692 from Gujranwala and 645 bandits live in Okara District. Their whereabouts have made their arrest difficult for the police. The report also maintained that the arrests of the said criminals had become a challenge for the local police, as the fugitives did not stay longer in the City after committing crime, using their hometowns as hideouts. The criminals know fully well about all the routes, roads, and short-cuts for their safe exit. They easily dodge the local police and disappear after hitting their targets within a minimum time using the most suited route. It is further disclosed that criminals did not use main roads like Ferozepur Road, GT Road Shahdara, Multan Road etc to reach their destinations in their respective districts. The far-flung districts like Attock, Jhelum, Sargodha, Mianwali, Multan, Bhakar, Khaniwal, Rahim Yar Khan, Dera Ghazi Khan, Layya, Rajanpur, Muzafargarh, Islamabad and Rawalpindi have a minimum number of desperadoes wanted by the City police in criminal cases as it was rather difficult and sometimes impossible for them to use the main roads for hours to reach their districts after committing crime in the City.