ISLAMABAD Anti-car lifting action association of Islamabad and Rawalpindi on Wednesday demanded of Chief Justice of Pakistan to take suo moto action of carjacking in the twin cities and requested legal protection to the car lifting don, Mohamamd Hassan who wanted to expose the names of several politicians and police officers behind carjacking crime. The victims of carjacking of Islamabad and Rawalpindi staged a protest at D-Chowk here in on Wednesday. While talking to TheNation coordinator of association Sheikh Moeen said, We request to Chief Justice of Pakistan to take suo moto notice of record carjacking and provide legal protection to Mohammad Hassan, a don of a car-lifting gang so that the politicians and police officials involved in such heinous crime could be exposed. Sheikh further said that Mohammad Hassan, don of carjacking, has sought protection otherwise he can be killed by the politicians and the police high-ups behind this crime. Mohamamd Hassan has requested through media that he wanted to expose key characters behind this crime. This crime can be controlled if Chief Justice of Pakistan intervenes into the matter, he maintained. When contacted, former IG Ali Afzal Shagri said that the government needs to end all the no-go and B-areas and implement identical law system in all the provinces. Otherwise criminals of carjacking and killings cannot be controlled and terrorists cannot be arrested. He said it was surprising that a political government re-instated B-area in Balochistan that was brought to A-area by a dictator. Former IG suggested that key characters behind the carjacking must be brought to the justice. He said that few officials from police and excise departments could be behind the criminals, however there were officer who could curb this crime if systematic obstacles are removed. While talking to TheNation, a victim Imran Hamdan said that his care was stolen from the garage in Sector I-8/2. The thieves using latest technology and with special expertise unlocked his car and broke the locks of main gate and flew out of Islamabad. The belongings of the citizens were not safe, as he has been deprived of his brand new Toyota corral model 2011. I am running from pillar to post in search of my car, but the police have taken it just a routine matter, he added.