VEHARI-The District Headquarters Hospital of Vehari has become the hub of corruption while the administration has failed to provide health facilities for the patients.

The public demanded that the Punjab chief minister should take strict action against the corrupt and negligent people. The local people said that the Punjab government fixed outdoor checkup fees only Rs1 but the DHQ staff member namely Shafiq and Allah Rakha received Rs10 from each patient. He said about 1,000 patients visit the DHQ hospital on daily basis for check-up and treatment. The staffers plunder thousands of rupees by overcharge the patients, local people said.

They (staffers) are very influential and involved in huge corruption with political back-up, the people alleged. Due to their corruption and rude behaviour, the patients have to face a lot of difficulties, they said. They demanded that the CM and the Punjab health secretary should take note of corrupt mafia.

The people alleged that the hospital staff had adopted an unbecoming attitude with the people, who visit the hospital. They alleged that doctors and other staff of the hospital were involved in sealing of drugs from the hospital's medicine store and other irregularities and turned the healthcare facility into nuisance for the patients.

Citizens including Zafrullah Chaudhry and Arshad said the doctors were often seen running their private clinics during official time and seldom visit the hospital to perform their duties. The hospital received millions of rupees funds every year but the situation deteriorated to such a level that there was no fuel for the power generator of the hospital, they added.

The people said the hospital's emergency ward was in the worst situation as the staff appointed in the hospital emergency is untrained. The people demanded that the government and the health department should take note of the irresponsible and erring attitude of the doctors and take action against them.

Medical Superintendent Dr Ghazanfar Abbas Dharala said he would try to resolve all the problems. Meanwhile, DCO Ali Akber Bhatti said a Patients' Welfare Committee consisting of journalists, politicians, lawyers, traders and other social activists will be announced soon. The committee will work for the patients' welfare.