ISLAMABAD - The Senate Standing Committee on Commerce and Textile expressed displeasure over the ill planning of Garments City in Faisalabad due to which the small and medium entrepreneurs could not benefit from the facility provided by the government. "The basic purpose of establishment of the City is to facilitate those who had capability to flourish in textile sector but could not start their business due to lack of resources," Chairman of the Committee Senator Shibli Faraz said while chairing a meeting of the Committee here Wednesday.

The meeting was informed by an official of Faisalabad Garment City Company that the laborer's colony was not included in the initial construction plan, however it was built afterword which is located around 30 kilometers away from Faisalabad city. He said due to the problem of location of labor colony, the small entrepreneurs were not able to afford huge extra cost of transportation for the laborers working in the industries to and from the colonies.

Shibli Faraz said that basic idea of the project was excellent however it was not being handled accordingly.

He directed the company to encourage small entrepreneurs to start their business using the platform of the City and once they establish their business they should leave the place for other new comers.

While giving briefing to the Committee, the Company's official informed that from the Garment City, around US$35 million worth of textile products were being exported annually. He said that at present, more than 10,000 workers were earning their livelihoods from the project and the Company was also planning to train the unskilled women in stitching garments and after completion of the training, they would also be given jobs in the City.

The meeting was further informed that out of planned 8 buildings of the City, three had already been constructed while the remaining would be built with its own resources which were being generated by renting the buildings to the textile companies.

It was also informed that during fiscal yer 2015-16, the Company earned Rs 41 million while during 2016-17 it earned an amount of Rs 45 million.

Earlier discussing the working and functions of of National Insurance Company Limited (NICL), Shibli Faraz said the Company was extensively misused and incurred loss of billions of rupees to the national exchequer.

He also cried for non-appointment of a full-fledged Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for a long time and said that the Company needed a committed, talented and professional head who could turn it into a profitable company.

Secretary Ministry of Commerce, Muhammad Younus Dagha informed that the experience of appointing CEO from private sector failed twice therefore the Ministry had written a letter to the establishment requesting to appoint a committed government officer.

Meanwhile Chairman Intellectual Property Organization (IPO) Mujeeb Ahmed also gave a detailed briefing to the Committee about the working and operation of the organization. He said the basic aim of IPO was to put Pakistan on the Intellectual Property map of the world as an IPR compliant and responsible country and effective use of the IP system as a contributing factor in achieving the country's economic and social development goals.

The meeting was also attended by Senators Nuzhat Sadiq, Atta Ur Rehman, Aurengzeb Khan and Dilawar Khan.