MULTAN: PTI Vice Chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said that the elections 2018 will prove a referendum for South Punjab Province and people will vote for that party which will create separate province for the residents of South Punjab.

Addressing public gatherings in Multan on Wednesday, Qurshi said that only PTI is capable of and committed to create South Punjab province. Citing examples of Fata, he said that the PTI government merged Fata into KPK which kicked off a new era of progress and prosperity in tribal areas. He said that the step taken by PTI got the residents of Fata rid of black laws of Britain, granted them representation in assemblies and gave them the right to get justice from higher courts of Pakistan. He said that the PTI has included South Punjab province in its 100 day agenda and it would create consensus on this issue if it came to power. He said that the biggest crisis that the nation was going to face in coming years was water scarcity. He added that South Punjab got the most affected due to Indus Basin Water Treaty. He warned that water crisis could create a serious rift among provinces. He declared that the PTI would create consensus among provinces on the issue of dams if it came to power. He added that the PTI government would plead Pakistan's case in international courts and it would not let India exploit Pakistan on water issue.