FAISALABAD - All the candidates contesting from the PML-N, PTI and PPP contesting general elections in Faisalabad constituencies of national and Punjab assemblies are notorious for changing their loyalties before general elections.

Talal Ch belongs, one of the central leaders of PML-N from Jaranwala, the largest tehsil of Faisalabad, started politics in 2002 from National Assembly constituency NA-77.

He struggled hard to get a ticket from PML-Q but failed. Afterwards, during the election of 2008, he got a ticket from PML-N and contested election from NA-77 but was defeated by PML-Q candidate Asim Nazir who bagged 63,767 votes; Talal Ch a new face in 2008 general elections could get 49,807 votes. This was the second time Asim Nazir won the election in the same constituency.

During the 2002 elections, Asim Nazir got 63,296 votes on PML-Q ticket defeating Muhammad Akram Ch, a candidate of PML-N and uncle of Talal Ch. Akram Ch bagged 26,548 votes.  In 2013, PML-N leadership awarded its ticket for NA-77 to Asim Nazir and for NA-76 of Jaranwala to Talal Ch. Asim Nazir on May 11, 2013 got 97,957 votes almost half of the total 283195 votes of the constituency and defeated PML-Q candidate and provincial general secretary of PML-Q Ch Zaheerud Din, who got 58590 votes. He has now joined PTI. He is PTI candidate from provincial assembly constituency PP-100. Nevertheless, in 2013 general election Talal Ch won from NA-76. He got 101,459 votes while his opponent candidate Waqar Wasi Zafar, son of former federal law minister Wasi Zafar, belonging to PTI acquired 17,490 votes.

PPP candidate Malik Nawab Sher Wassir got 34,752 votes. In the same constituency ex federal law minister Wasi Zafar during the 2002 elections on the ticket of PML-Q defeated Rai Salahuddin Khan of PML-N by 15,000 votes. Due to "indecent" behaviour of Wasi Zafar, the PML-Q in 2008 elections gave its ticket to Zahid Nazir, the elder brother of Asim Nazir and present chairman District Council.

In 2008, Zahid Nazir got 41069 votes and was defeated by PPP candidate Malik Nawab Sher Wassir who acquired 43294 votes. Malik Nawab Sher has now joined PTI and he is PTI's candidate from NA-102 Faisalabad 2. After new population census NA-76 and NA-77 are merged as NA-102 Faisalabad 2. Talal Ch after winning the elections in 2013 got closer to former senator Farooq Khan, a business tycoon and close friend of Sharif brothers. PML-N insiders claim that popularity of Talal Ch in PML-N is a result of Farooq Khan's friendship with Nawaz Sharif as they on their visit to Faisalabad stay at the house of Farooq Khan. However due to close political relation with PML-N leaders, Talal Ch was announced the candidate from PML-N for NA-102 Faisalabad. This resulted in a rift and later deadlock between PML-N and Asim and Zahid Nazir.

Jaranwala city, tehsil sadar Jaranwala, Lundianwala, Buchiana, Awaqat, Chak Hameed and some areas are part of NA-102. Talal and Asim's constituencies NA-76 and NA-77 has become NA-102 thus one NA constituency has decreased in Faisalabad district. Talal Ch from NA-102, ex MPA Rana Shoib Idress from PP-99 and Malik Shahid Awan from PP-100 are panel candidates of PML-N. Asim Nazir and his nephew Masood Nazir, son of Zahid Nazir, are willing to contest elections from NA-105 Faisalabad 5 and NA-101 Faisalabad 1 as independent candidates from Ch Nasir Ali Khan group. Sources claimed that PML-N had managed all matters with Nazir family and will not announce any candidate against Asim Nazir.

However, PTI has announced Malik Nawab Sher Wassir as its candidate from NA-102, Ch Zaheerud Din from PP-100 and Ch Ali Akhtar from PP-99. He is district president of PTI, former Faisalabad Madina town nazim in Musharraf regime and younger brother of Zaheerud Din.

Ch Zaheerud Din has been elected as member of Punjab Assembly for four times. He started his politics from PPP. In 1990, he was a political fellow of former provincial law minister Rana Sana Ullah Khan in PPP. Before the general elections of 2002 he joined PML-Q. He served as provincial minister for works and communication. He was provincial general secretary of PML-Q but left it one and a half months earlier and joined PTI for NA-102 ticket. However, he was announced a candidate for PP-100, a provincial assembly slot of NA-102. PTI's NA-102 candidate Malik Nawab Sher Wassir has been elected as the member of Punjab Assembly twice in the past. He was also elected as member of National Assembly in 2008 general elections. Malik participated in a movement of PPP in 1983 for restoration of democracy against Ziaul Haq Marshal Law.

He served as advisor to Punjab CM and member of PM inspection team too.

The PPP in the same NA-102 has announced ex-MPA Shah Jahan Kharal as its candidate and Rana Shafqat its candidate from PP-99 but it has failed to announce any of its candidates from PP-100 another Punjab Assembly constituency of NA-102. It has failed to field its candidates in other nine Punjab Assembly constituencies of the district.

Nevertheless, the mood of the people of constituency reflects that PTI and PML-N are stronger in the constituency. PPP has no charm here. Many notables of the constituency also complain against Talal Ch. Therefore it seems that the PTI's NA candidate is much stronger in NA-102. Some PML-N insiders reveal that Talal is also afraid of the situation but he is in a position to call PML-N central leaders for his election campaign because in case Talal loses the election, it may defame the repute of PML-N. PML-N sources confirm that party leadership will not leave Talal alone for his electoral campaign and tough competition would be noticed in NA-102 as it is amongst the most interesting constituencies of Punjab, especially Faisalabad.