ISLAMABAD - The coronavirus claimed life of another city manager on Saturday as the Director La­bour Relations of the Capital Development Authority Ro­shan Khan died after getting infected with the virus.

Earlier, two directors of environment wing of the Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) Muham­mad Irshad and Rizwan­Shamshad also died due to Covid-19 while a large number of officers and staff members are also in­fected and undergoing treatment.

The officers and employ­ees of CDA and MCI are ex­posed to general public and it has been observed that there is no proper arrange­ment for protection against the virus.

The CDA has imposed a ban on entry of staff and general public with­out masks but it is not be­ing implemented in letter and spirit while there is no proper system of hand san­itisers in its headquarters.

Meanwhile, the officers also criticised the perfor­mance of Capital Hospital for lack of facilities where they are entitled to get treatment.