Chenabnagar - Muhammad Wah-id Ullah Khan Javed, a 60-year-old person, has been waiting for 37 years to get his bachelor degree in Chenabnagar. Javed told this scribe how his thin shriek for real degree has succumbed in the roar of fake degrees. Though his voice is echoing in the corridors of time, yet it has not found the way to prickle the conscience of people sitting at the helm of affair. He narrated his story with a belief that in post independent judiciary, free media and democratic Pakistan, he will win at least consolation if not compensation He said: Now-a-days by watching chaos, caused by counterpart Bachelor degrees, the importance of true degree has increased so much that once again I have been overwhelmed with the urge that one needs to have a true degree. The wish, I had burned in my heart for almost thirty-six years, has awakened like a nightmare again. I did my bachelor from the Punjab University in 1974 with Roll No. 39113; serial No. 16440; Registration No. 69 KS-36; issue date 13-01-1974 from Govt College Sheikhupura. But up till now, I have been deprived of my degree. I have tried many times to get it but all in vain. I was asked to deposit Rs30 by the clerk without a receipt. I was taught by elders never to pay any kind of money of which I could not get a receipt and vice versa. My conscience inquired of me if I was going to start my practical life with a bribe. I remembered my friends advice that in order to get your way, it is not wrong to through a bone to a dog. But my conscience refused to do so and challenged that I will get my right without any bribe. I still remember the clerks smirk. He won and I lost. He played such a card that even after spending money 'thirties, I still have not achieved my goal. Now, once again, I am reminded of my 14 years of hard work? Much has change in thirty-six years. Judiciary became independent, accountability courts have been established, media has become more vocal and daring and democracy has come to the land. Is there anyone, who think that I have stopped listening to my conscience, but that is not the case. I am sixty years old. If you take a look at my life, you would not help but believing it to be true. I have no bank balance. I dont own even a yard of land still believe that I will be buried in Pakistan and will be more lucky than Bahadur Shah Zafar. You must not think that I belong to a very poor family. In 1974, graduating from a small village like Farooqabad itself is a proof of the position of my family. My family were landlords. I am not a poor man. By the grace of Allah, I have been blessed with the treasure of love. I consider myself to be very lucky man by the position I hold in my society. There is only one thing that I feel bad for and that is that I have not been able to thank. God Almighty properly for His Blessings. I dont seek revenge but only want to add m y real degree among the uproar of counterpart ones. During past thirty six years if the clerk has not passed away then surely he has at least retired. So, there is no point in legal action. And getting justice without money has almost become impossible. As far as, the institutes are concerned, they have always been exempted from these sins. If there was any kind of justice in this country then a large portion of damages could be claimed from the Punjab Universitys administration. Counterfeit degree-holders have become MPAs, MNAs ministers, etc. but there is no check on those who do not issue real degrees. Who will fight my case? Against whom? Will there be any justice? Only God knows best A true story with a moral to be inferred