SWAT - Former MNA Muzafar-ul-mulk popularly known as Kaki Khan has suddenly appeared in Swat after completing his five-year National Assembly’s tenure in the serene beauty of capital Islamabad.

The former evanescent MNA was totally out of screen for the last five years. Now when he handed over his cosy residence in Islamabad’s Ministry Colony and moved back to his home in Swat, people can see his huge posters in Mingora city.

Mufazarul Mulk won the National Assembly seat from NA-29, Mingora by securing 19,860 votes in 2008 general elections. After winning the election, he moved to Islamabad and never showed his face to the people of Swat. He completely forgot that he has been sent to Islamabad by the people of Swat to bring development to the area. He forgot all the promises he made during electioneering with locals.

The dwellers of Swat said that they elected Kaki Khan to raise their voice on the floor of National Assembly and will bring some mega development projects to the valley and will solve their problems.

The locals expected a lot from the former MNA because he was the elder of the valley. They thought he would do something for the betterment of people  but Kaki Khan miserably failed to provide relief to common men.

In 2008, when the activities of Taliban were gaining momentum in the valley, the poor people of the valley were at the mercy of defunct militant group and were facing threats in the valley.

The people thought Kaka Khan would really do something but instead he was the first person who left Swat valley and moved to Islamabad. He did not care about his valley and innocent people.

When the Pakistan Army launched military operation to flush out militants of area, Kaki Khan who was the representative of the people of Swat did not support the Pakistan Army’s action. People of Swat became Internally Displace People (IDPs) in their own country and the people migrated to lower parts of the country in the hot weather.

MNA Kaki Khan did not come out to console the people of Swat. He was not seen anywhere near his own people. When the Pakistan Army declared Swat clear from militants and requested people to come back to their hometown after spending three months as a status of IDPs, MNA Kaki Khan never returned. The Army controlled the law and order situation in Swat and brought peace there. Kaki Khan preferred to live in his safe home in Islamabad.

Many locals informed TheNation that several times they visited MNA Kaki Khan at his residence in Islamabad. Most of the people could not meet him and some lucky ones who were able to have a meeting with him regarding different issues and reminded him of his promises to do something for the area and for people but they had to come back empty hand.

Now Muzafar-ul-mulk is going to contest once again in the upcoming general election and he will be the expected candidate of the Awami National Party from NA-29.

The dwellers of Swat said that they would not support their former MNA again at any cost because he totally failed to do something for the people.

While the political analyst said the ANP gave ticket to Muzafar-ul-Mulk as a candidate of NA-29 they will definitely lose their seat. It will be the huge mistake of the ANP Khyber Pukhtunkhwa Chapter President Senator Afrasiyab Khatak. 

They said that Afrasiyab khatak should send new candidate for the NA-29 constituency, it would be better for the party. 

When TheNation contacted, the elders of the valley said the former MNA never showed his face in Swat during last five years.

Dwellers of Swat are asking from the former MNA that where have the funds which the government issued to him in last five years for development.

What people saw that MNA has a BMW car and all his sons have their own cars along with security guards.

The people of Swat demanded the Federal Investigation Authority and Chief Election Commission to take strong action against the former legislator.

They said he should be held accountable for the funds, which he did not use for the development work in Swat and they should make sure that he coughs up all the looted money.