ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan said Thursday that Taliban did not want to enforce Sharia in the country at gunpoint but wanted to liberate it from the US’s war.

Talking to journalists outside the Supreme Court, the PTI chief said that the only demand of TTP is to disassociate Pakistan from the US’s war and this has also been the demand of PTI since the past 10 years.

About success of peace negotiations, the PTI chief said that the meeting between the government and Taliban had made it apparent which groups were interested in holding dialogue and which were not. He said there was a hope of reaching a positive outcome on the dialogue process.

Imran underscored that the government’s negotiators should have given priority to tribal areas for peace talks, adding that tribal people held the key to dialogue.

He said that ceasefire should continue and the non-combatants, including women, children and the elderly should also be released.

About appointment of NAB chairman, the PTI chief said the case about the appointment of chairman NAB was very important, saying boss of the country premier anti-corruption agency had been appointed after consensus developed between the two political parties.

He also said the leadership of both parties was facing graft charges. He said that corruption would not be eliminated until NAB was made a neutral body. He termed Pakistan’s biggest problem.