Islamabad, March 28(Online) PTI and opposition leader Khurshid Shah has said that we should follow what system and constitution say adding he cannot say anything about NRO.

“System, judiciary and institutions should be strengthened in the country. There will be no need of NRO if the system and institutions are strong, he expressed these views while talking to media men with reference to meeting between Justice Saqib Nisar and Prime Minister (PM) Shahid Khaqan Abbasi.

Such meetings take place and should be held. Heads of institutions should meet, he underlined.

The meeting which was held a day before will backfire in prevailing situation, which is dangerous, he added.

Chief Justice will talk defensively after Tuesday meeting. If it is not done so then the charges of a settlement of matters will come, he held.

He further said that if the meeting was necessary, they should have met at a place which was not known to anyone.

May it be NRO or judicial NRO, I will not talk about this, he added.

We should follow what judiciary and system say. There is no need of NRO if the system will be strong, he added.

NRO is needed when institutions are weak. He further said that leaders of institutions should meet but there is a proper time for such meetings and decisions.

The output of such meetings comes this way that issues have been discussed, he stated.

He said that judiciary should call chief ministries and tell them that what should be done and give the guideline to the provinces about what to do?