By Dua Khawar

Punjab is a word of the language Punjabi, punj means five and ab means water so punjab means land of five rivers. Punjab is the biggest among all the provinces in Pakistan.         

Punjab's people and other:

Punjab's people are very happy living people they enjoy every moment punjab's provincial language is punjabi and it 's peaple like to eat tasty dishes that is why lahore is famous for its food            

Punjab's speciality:

punjab's has so much specialities we will start from its food  punjabis are biggest foodie and they are very serious about thier food   thier food should be perfect even me punjabis prefer to go on dhabas drink lasis and tea is too famous the second is its greenery  greenery and punjab are true friends    many people visit punjab to see its farm and all that we feel lively in punjab like no tension only hapiness and like we feel free there are so many historical buildings in punjab

Love for Punjab:

punjab is very airy place so we thanks punjab for that and it is so beautiful that we just kept seeing its places and farms beautiful villages cities town everythings attracts us punjab province is really the star because allah has blessed  punjab with with too many natural things and also the people of punjab (punjabis) so we would really thanks to punjab to be so good and allah to make this place good and more good in future we we love you punjab

Published in Young Nation Magazine on November 11, 2017