By RaniyaTanwar

Pakistan hasdeveloped in so many aspects and at the same time the education system has completely revolutionized.Over the years, aim of educating a child has shifted and now thefocus is more towards high grades and the nametag of school than gaining knowledge.

Among the subjects being taught in schools,mathematics is considered to be the most boring subject. That does not mean the subject itself is dreary, however, it depends on how it is being taught and the teaching methodsadopted into practice in Pakistan.

Unfortunately, kidsof the current century are merely trained to copy down the lecture notes or to memorize the contents of the textbooks and sometimes even ‘one right answer’ for the exam. Our school system revolves around ‘academics’, while thinking out of the box is just a cliché. Without a doubt “Mathematics is written for mathematicians” as said by Nicolaus Copernicus, it is not every body’s cup of tea.

In the middle of stereotypical school system in Pakistan,Spirit of Math (after-school couching) is creating a new example by making mathematics more interesting and innovative. This couching after-school is providing a one of a kind opportunity for KG-5 graders to not onlylearn more but also develop problem solving skillto tackle the increasingly complex topics of mathematics.

It’s wherethe priority is to ensure that parents are engaged to learn about the current researches and leave with concrete strategies to better meet the needs of their high performing children at home.

Speaking of innovation,Spirit of Math is exceptionally making it convenient for high-achieving and gifted students, who are yearning to learn more than the typical ones. From the dynamic class room environment to like-minded peers and from the designed syllabus to special camps it encourages the idea of innovation in the field of math.

According to the modern studies learning through fun activities is far more effective than the conventional ways of schooling. Although, it is considerably rare concept as attending school and doing home work is the only point of concern. Another way of making it more interesting for students, Spirit of Math holdsmathematical competitions, national/international, allowing the kids to apply their quantitative skills and quantify their standing in the competition with their mates around the after-school campuses.

Encouraging the concept of creative learning, spirit of math’sintroduction of a learning ‘App’ is a stepping stone in the field of education, giving a unique platform to the mathematically minded kids. Well, you never know your child could be the next ground breaking mathematician.

Published in Young Nation Magazine on December 2, 2017