The recent Senate election has raised many questions in our minds. Senate is considered as the most sophisticated house in the parliament but the practices used in its elections raised many questions. It is blamed that a vote for a Senate seat priced more than forty million rupees and members of provincial assemblies sold them without any hesitation. Perhaps it was last chance for them to collect money during current tenure.  

It has always been happening in these elections but this time due to the unprofessional conduct and bad internal affairs of the political parties, this corruption got many folds. The biggest loser in this concern was the PML(N) and they have vowed a lot against it. Secondly, the results for the seats of the Chairman and the Deputy Chairman were also against their planning. The PML(N) is blaming the corrupt political culture for it.  

They are present leading this culture for last almost forty years. They have promoted this culture and used it when and how they needed it. So why are they blaming the others now? They must think about it. 


Lahore, March 16.