In the days of YORE, Zero concept was in extinct and trade by exchanging goods by goods existing or happening over a large areas or among many people in rural suburb buying and selling were precarious and cumbersome without money.

Then slowly and gradually, bring from primitive and uncivilized society to cultured one which is the result of developing environment.

The God bestowed the wisdom to the protoplasts which pave the way. The Chinese were the first people who invented/ innovated the "Abacus" in (A frame with small balls which slide along wires. It is used as a tool or toy for counting. The string have three (3) wire lines in the frame and having three balls in a row, total nine (9) balls . Thus the counting was still stand on only nine (9) numbers. Since that time the counting was in lurch and in a depressed state.

However the money was minted with different minerals. The inventors/ innovation of zero in counting to zero level and the money too gaining's.

With the passage of time subsequently subjects were introduced and knowledgeable

Something studied at schools, colleges and universities. Moreover, the knowledge increased through teachings, learnings, and trainings and instructing the gained education ability.

The discursive and discriminatory well-earned honour. The praiseworthy subject Mathematics is called the science of numbers gratifying the history of numbers, in Mathematics (Education) Trade and Industry on the Global levels.

Those who made, produce, write on present the new ideas are consider in the range of Genus. The Arab segment have already been produced high caliber men in the society.

The Muslims Arabs were the Pioneer of the symbol of 0: nothing, naught: Lowest point and explain, clarify throw light on some point of Zero. Before the invention the counting was rest only nine numbers. They elucidated it like point between plus (+) and Minus (-) on scale for reckoning positive and negative quantity.

The instinctively lucky guess was zero in the subconscious of the pioneer of the mathematics who invented Zero.

The Arabic numerals, also called western Arabic numerals, Hindu numerals, are ten digits 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 based on the Arabic numerals system real and genuine.

Generally, the most common system for the symbolic representation of numbers in the global levels.

The system of numerals was adopted by Arabs Mathematicians in Baghdad and passed through the Arabs further to the West. The numerals in the pr4sent form developed from Arabic letters in the Magrib the western region of the Arab world and in the Subcontinent around AD 500. The symbol of Zero is AMBIVALENCE. (Having or showing both good and bad or positive and negative feelings about something).

Explanation: If you put zero with a number like this 01: The zero has no value nay, Cipher, naught, negative on the left side. If you put Zero on the right side with a number like this 10, 100, 1000 and so on the zero have value positive. Moreover, zero visibility limited both horizontal and vertically.

The Arabic number system, where the value of a digit in a number depends of its position. Zero in an operational movement for which other intervals are reckoned. Zero hour for the time to state work. Moreover, such as Zero-carbon, zero gravity, zero rated, zero-tolerance, zero chance. Furthermore Zero used in the metric system, measure of length, measure of weight, the gram, measure of capacity, the liter, surface measure, metric line measures.

Distantly, the uniqueness signifies the only one of its kind, Albeit, Ambivalence denotes having or showing both good and ded, yea and nay, merits and demerits positive and negative.

The Zero replenish not counting. The Arabic numerals system, where the value of digit in a number depends on its position (negative and positive).

Now the use of Arabic numerals spread around the globe through European trade, Industry, books print and electronic media, colonialism too.

The first university accepted inscription use of the counting zero (Cipher) in India is first recorded in the 9th Century, inscription at GWALIOR in Central India dated to 870. Moreover, numerous India documents on copper.

The linkage of Zero with Algebra, which is a branchy of Mathematics. Modus operandi (manner of doing something) goes to the brilliant Mathematician Muhammad Ibn Musa al-Khawarzami also during the Abbasid caliphate a scholar in the House of wisdom in Baghdad, and his remarkable work translated in Latin on the Indian numerals introduced in 12th century the decimal position number system to the western world. (Of tens or one tenth….

Note: decimal system (For coinage, weight and measures) decimal point (the point used to denoted a decimal (as in 8.7)

Alkhawarzami: The compendious of liner and Quadratic equations in Arabic. He is frequently considered on the Fathers of Algebra.

Algebra is derived from Al Jabr, one of the two operations he used to solve quadratic equations. Algorism and Algorithm stem from Algorithm, the later form of his name. His name also the origin of (Spanish) Quarismo and of porluguse algorismo both meaning digit.

The first university accepted inscription continuing the use of (0) glyphs in India is first recorded in the 9th Century in an inscription at Gwalior in Central India date to 870 century. Numerous India documents on Copper. The invention/ innovation of Zero are the inborn and inheritance qualities of Arab Muslims, the world must pay gratitude to them on this marvelous work of Zero.

The work (Invention/ Innovation) Zero is world while and permanent mark in the subject of mathematics.

The zeal of Zero in the science of numbers and space of solutions etc. One likely to answer to purposes.

As an Islamic state it is our duty to promote the performance of the past and present Muslim Scholars/ Scientist.

Science societies of Pakistan can play a vital role in this respect.

Zero is a hereditary invention/ innovation of Muslim scholars/ Scientist since 750 AD.

Published in Young Nation Magazine On December 23, 2017