What is the utmost end of need?

Finding what has no needs.

What is the utmost end of seeking?

Finding what is sought.

What is the utmost end of the sought?

Finding the seeker.

For you, it could be someone you love, someone you are obsessed with, someone you fancy with heart full of expectations. He is the one who pacifies you, consoles you in the darkest of times and every time you slip, you find Him by your side in order to pick you up.

For me, He is more than just that. There are times when one finds oneself stuck in the alley where nothing but darkness and gloom surrounds oneself. It is the time when helplessness engulfs and there is no way out, it seems. It is then that a ray of hope shines bright and leads the way out, it is then that life comes at a standstill. He is preeminent. He is God.

I have some genuine trust issues when it comes to opening up to people and sharing my feelings, we all do. Betrayal at the part of peers, friends and even family, is what makes us more vigilant. We all have been betrayed, let’s say once, twice, maybe thrice or numerous of times by the people we trusted but He is the one who never turned me down; sadly, I did.

Life is a journey with endless trials and hardships in store, it is a profound mystery that leaves one questioning one’s existence and the purpose of life itself, yet there is something that keeps us going and discovering that something is not easy. For some, it can be a helping hand stretched to them just at the right time, for others, it can be their conscience, leading them to the light, away from darkness. I, however, like to call it divine, for I believe that my power is nothing before Him. Someone I can call in the hours of sorrow and despair. Sometimes, He comes to me when I do not even seek His arrival but He knows that I need Him – even if I don’t.

He is always listening. Me shouting my heartache to Him reminds me how susceptible I am before His supremacy and how magnificent my Lord is, yet I am so ungrateful while He never stops with his blessings. Selfishly, I demand my happiness from Him and mercifully, He keeps on granting me. Such is the kindness of my Lord and such is the selfishness of mine.

Have you ever felt like someone is watching over you? Someone you owe your life to. It is Him indeed, a blessing in disguise. I know for a fact that everything, good or bad, that happens to me is part of His divine plan and things which seem to be falling apart now, will eventually be put together in a way I could not have managed to do otherwise. Therefore, it is He whom I turn to. Where do I find Him? With me, within me, no matter how far my wrongdoings took me, It is He to whom shall I return. I need Him now and then.

“I wonder what these people think friendship with God is. That God who created the heaven, who created the Earth, who made the Universe appear – is His friendship gained so easily that you come in and sit before Him, you talk and you listen? Do you fancy this is a soup kitchen? You come in and you drink it down? Then you just leave?” -Shams Tabrizi