ISLAMABAD-We have finally watched the latest episode of Deewangi, and it’s fair to say that the story is moving at a fast pace. Nageen (Hiba Bukhari) has been facing one hurdle after another. Now she runs into trouble again as she tries to move to a new city to her aunt’s home. It looks like she will be facing yet another setback. However, by the end of the episode, things seemed to be turning for the good for her to some degree. A fair bit of it, due to Good Samaritan Haroon (Ali Abbas).

While this episode primarily focuses on Nageen, we see two scenes of Narmeen (Zoya Nasir), which tell us where the story is perhaps headed. In one scene, we see Sultan (Danish Taimoor) sitting in bed as he waits for Narmeen to wake up. Next, we see him being angry and annoyed with his wife’s outgoing behavior. Narmeen initially justifies her choices and emphasizes that she isn’t a middle-class girl who will serve her husband at all times. Instead, he should be going out along with her. An argument ensues. Narmeen, who was aggressive initially, then tries to calm Sultan down and urges him to talk to her.

To tell her what is troubling him so much so that his behavior has changed so profoundly. Unfortunately, for her, Sultan shuts her down and walks away. While this may seem a run of the mill scene, but perhaps it has great significance in the long run. To her credit, Zoya Nasir is able to grasp the importance of it and delivers flawlessly. With her facial expression and tone of voice, she is able to make that switch i.e., from aggressive to sympathetic. Without that change, it would have been difficult to read too much in the scene.

But it was down her brilliance that it became evident. Is Narmeen willing to change her ways to please Sultan? Is this a momentary change, or will see persist with this approach? Will Sultan tell her the truth? The answers to these questions tie the fates of Nageen, Narmeen, Sultan, and perhaps Haroon together. Gear up, things are about to get interesting.