LAHORE - The restoration of students union in educational institutions is paving the way for political interference and violence as was rampant prior to 1984 when restrictions were imposed. The period until 1984, witnessed clashes leading to deaths, injuries to students and closure of universities and colleges due to infighting among rival groups, violence and bloodshed. Instead of aspired healthy activities, the strifes, conflicts and clashes are likely to erupt which the country cannot afford at this critical juncture. This was upshot of a study conducted on the issue by the EEC. The extra-curricular activities can be conducted by student societies to serve as substitute of student unions. Apart from preying to the dragnet of political parties who gain their political objectives by instigating students, the student unions influence in administrative matters including the admissions and thus mint money through arranging out-of -merit admissions. It also heavily tolls on the quality of education as admission sans merit lower the standard of education. The students thus admitted also do not care for punctuality in classes because they do not have time to concentrate on studies because of their involvement in politics. As such without creating an environment conducive, the restoration would cause frustration. If, however, there was compulsion to restore under the provision of 1973 Constitution, some reforms and conditions have to be imposed on them. The role of student unions in the past had not been satisfactory as violence ruled the campuses. A data collected by ECC compiled by Prof Malik M Sharif revealed that during 36 years from 1947 to 1984 when the unions were functioning, as many as 525 student confrontations occurred, 165 students were killed and 1210 were seriously injured. As many as 7235 students were arrested and incidents of struck off from universities and colleges were 935. As compared to 20 years period from 1984 to 2005, only 151 students conflicts were reported, only 13 were killed, 284 were arrested and 10 events of closure of universities and colleges were reported. The report said that violent incidents waste the academic life of the students and their time. A small and minority group is able to take hostage the entire campus for long time. Armed elements and their supporters occupy the campuses. The political partiers gain undue advantages through students unions while the academic affairs are jeopardised. Instead of becoming nursery for leadership, and serving as platform for thinking, understanding and action, the unions become a platform of conflicts and scuffles. During protests and demonstrations, intelligent students suffer. The distance among students/teachers and administration is also widens. The graph of teachers respect drops unless the major students group create an environment conducive for restoration of unions. Therefore, this would be an exercise in futility and the government should withdraw its decision and save students from falling at the hands of vested interest.