ISLAMABAD - Chairman Senate Standing Commit­tee on Interior Senator Rehman Ma­lik yesterday urged the government to take the case of continuous un­provoked Indian aggression across the Line of Control and targeting civilian population by India to the United Nations Security Council.

While strongly condemning the Indian continuous aggression across LoC, he said that Pakistan must take the international com­munity into confidence about Indi­an anti-Pakistan war plans, recent consistent LoC violation and now high-level drone spying violence.

He said that Nepal has shown re­sistance for the first time ignoring earlier influence of India.

In a statement, he said that it was obviously because of some un­derstanding somewhere China has increased its influence. “India is out of nowhere and without any viola­tion has started inflecting four un­disputed Chinese areas”, he added.

Senator Rehman Malik, a former interior minister, said that in fact India wants to make a double road along with Chinese borders to take its artillery and heavy weaponry along the actual control line and both India and China had agreed on this ‘Actual Control Line’.

He said that on the other had PM Modi has increased its aggression across LoC and killing civilian every day in order to provoke Pakistan.

He said that counter statements between China and USA are getting serious which cannot be ignored in present given situation. He said that actually India is trying to push the world towards WW-III. He said that PM Modi who uses his tongue more than his brain is likely to fall in the hands of its masters in West.

Senator Malik said PM Naren­dra Modi earlier had been threating Pakistan and now China and India must not forget that any such initia­tives of Warcraft venture will be dan­gerous for this region and loser will be India. He said that he had been persistently and repeatedly stating that Modi will be used to destabilise South Asia and China.

He said that the situation with India- Bangladesh and Nepal - In­dia needs to be examined strategi­cally and regional potential of war triggers as China has certainly de­veloped its interest in Nepal. He suggested that Pakistan should not feel comfortable with devel­oping situation with India as India will take its initiative of war with China subject to clearance from western masters.

Senator A. Rehman Malik said that it is high time for Pakistani Govern­ment to get out of merely issuing statements and tweets but should place a resolution in UNSC about the war like situation which is develop­ing in South Asia particularly the In­dia violation on the LOC.

He said that the high quality entry Indian drone is not for Bollywood movie but India is collecting quali­tative ground intelligence to imple­ment its evil design against Paki­stan hence Pakistan must present a resolution in UNSC to discuss Indi­an malicious designs to destabilise the regional peace. He said that the government must give a top prior­ity as anything could be expected from Modi to do against Pakistan and China to serve his masters and to divert attention from his internal high level disturbances because of his recent unwise polices.