When America was shaken by the horrific attacks on 9th September, from debris emerged the slogan “let’s make America great again” and the roadmap was subsequently charted out Bush Jr. under the slogan “global war on terror” and followed by the first black president Barrack Obama. That event paved way for framing public opinion, only to lend social and legal legitimacy to a New World Order. The Middle East was chosen as experimental lab and facilitation centre. The Middle East or West Asia is a region largely dominated by Muslims and the vulnerability of the region is that it is “the most affected region by terrorism”. America always claims Muslims have prejudices against their values and civilisation and hence were at war with them but the empirical observations state the contrary, that Muslims love west for their values and hate them for their hypocrisy to stand by their values.

The xenophobic trumpet became evident when Trump shifted gears in a rally in California while addressing the public. When he started hurling conventional political sermons, he sensed crowd was unmoved and cleverly changed the gears and started talking about building the Mexican wall. Trump is a perfect method actor and a con-artist, a billionaire and above all a salesman of the Trump Empire. He knows the art of selling and negotiating and grabbing deals. American people elected him in the face of his statements such as “murdering the families of the terror suspects, deploying troops in Middle East, using nuclear weapons against Europe and IS, justifying Libya and Iraq interventions, making America Muslim free”. Thus the best selling author Tony Schwartz said, “I genuinely believe if trump wins and gets the nuclear codes, there is an excellent possibility it will lead to the end of civilisation”.

There is hardly any country left where America is not present and hence if they were scared earlier because of Obama, now they must be terrified. International politics will have to deal with a person who has no strategies, knows no policies other than the thumb rule: “He who wishes to be obeyed must know how to command”. Trump’s attitude is not of a statesman or a politician from whom international players can expect sensitive thought on matters of utmost importance.

For Muslims in and outside America, president-elect Trump is a nightmare. The venom and hatred against Muslims was evident every time during his campaigning, which Prof. Khaled Beydoun termed as a “Dividing States of America stratagem”. His provocative sentiments managed to find a place in the hearts of Americans. He kept Muslim intrusion at bay and which will surely reflect in his policies as he takes his chair in the Oval Office. I deem it fitting to say Trump reflects what America stands for, a consumerist society marketing prejudices against Muslims and Islam.

The Middle East is in a perpetual warfare and America has a long term and unfinished agenda there. Since warfare ideology has shifted from resolutions to drones, the tensions in the region are will continue to simmer with the reinvention of imperial policy. Russian-American hardcore approach in Syria, with Putin on one hand and Trump on the other, the urge to dominate will justify their fight against terrorism, unleashing the use of sophisticated weapons and treatise and leading to a de-facto division of labor in Syria. Israel’s voice will resonate more forcefully in the power-centric circles of the American establishment, given Trump’s business relations with Israeli corporations and his impact in AIPEC, which means Palestinians will go through unprecedented repression in their living memory. However, his policies will get an easy walk-over in Egypt and Saudi Arabia but Erdogan will be a hard nut to crack and get managed.

The ramifications of trump’s presidency on Pakistan will be seen closely in the sub-continent, given the lobbying done by RSSS backed groups in America for Donald Trump. The relationship with Pakistan will also be viewed through the prism of China, which has taken a huge leap in creating jobs in manufacture sector and succeeding America. Trump has vowed to set the plane straight in manufacturing sector and creation of more jobs and it will surely impact china, given Trump’s hostile attitude towards China. It may prove a blessing in disguise for CPEC and usher good relations between Pakistan and China.