ISLAMABAD - Supreme Court Chief Justice Saqib Nisar on Monday said some lawyers were bent upon to destroy the judicial system, but he would not allow non-professional people to do so.

A three-member bench of the apex court, headed by Chief Justice Saqib Nisar, dismissed as infructuous the appeal filed by Lahore High Court Bar Multan Bench President Sher Zaman Qureshi against the order of the LHC. The LHC had issued arrest warrants for Qureshi in a contempt of court case for misbehaving with a judge.

While admonishing the lawyers of the Multan Bench, he asked them whether they respected the dignity of courts. He added the courts have power to deal with everyone.

The chief justice was of the view that earlier the lawyers used to insult the lower courts, but now they have also started disrespecting the higher courts. “Keeping in view your conduct, it seems you are bent upon to destroy the judicial system, but I will never let non-professional people to do so,” Justice Nisar said. He further observed whenever an issue was about to reach an amicable solution, the lawyers of Multan made hurdles in its way. He asked the lawyers to respect the courts.

He told the lawyers to send their representatives to meet him in his chamber if they wanted his help in an issue, but they would have to ensure good conduct.

Qureshi along with some lawyers had allegedly misbehaved with Multan Bench Judge Muhammad Qasim Khan who was hearing a case about a mosque falling in the route of a government project.