This refers to news report ‘Govt making two-pronged policy for Taliban talks’ (October 23). This report has raised question as to why the Government is finalizing the strategy for talks with militants at this point when it has already forwarded talk offer at the conclusion of APC in first half of September? This should have been done earlier. Planning is followed by action but here it’s the other way around which speaks volumes of naivety of the Government to tackle the issue. The Government has no clear roadmap for talks; it has no agenda at all on how this process will proceed, when, where and with who, as Taliban are divided in multiple groups.

Taliban’s insincerity for talks coupled with Government’s naivety and non-serious approach is painting a gruesome picture of nations’ fate. Recent spate of ferocious acts of terrorism, threats and preconditions for talks from the Taliban side are clear indications of their objectives. It’s about time the government took some decision and act accordingly.


Rawalpindi, October 24.