Pakistan came into being under the leadership of the Quaid-e-Azam with great sacrifices of the nation. This country was achieved in the name of Islam and the real objective was to make it a center of Islam so that, Muslims could be able to lead their life according to the teachings of Islam.

Islam is the foundation of our country. Our nation is united and has a separate identity because of Islam. Seven decades have passed but the objectives of independence are still unachieved.

No doubt Pakistan is facing several challenges now. It has the problems of law and order, terrorism, unemployment and the crisis of electricity, water and gas. The deterioration of ideology, politics, economy and culture has set in. The differences among the different levels of the society are increasing day by day. There is a sense of hatred for the establishment. There is no co-operation among the institutions. Tension is prevailing among the provinces. The education and health sector is not functioning properly. There is no facility for the common man. There is lack of confidence, restlessness and anxiety among the people.

Every government manages its resources and solves the problems of the people. It tries to provide relief with good governance. Whether it is the government of PML-N or PPP, both of them have proved themselves totally incompetent. Unfortunately, they involved themselves in every kind of corruption and promoted the trend of bad governance. That’s why Pakistan is included in the most corrupt countries of the world. Every child in Pakistan is born with a debt of Rs 120,000. According to estimates 12 billion rupees are being corrupted on a daily basis in Pakistan. Similarly, the government and its institutions are corrupting almost 4.3 trillion rupees annually. This situation is quite painful and depressing. In the reign of Musharraf, after the earthquake of October, 2005, the whole world gave the aid of 5 million dollars. This aid wasn’t received by the people affected by earthquake. PM Shaukat Aziz took the loan of 135 billion rupees from the Asian Development Bank for providing justice to the common man. Consequently, the common man could not get justice but the installments of the loan are still being paid. NAB is investigating the corruption of almost 2 trillion rupees by Asif Ali Zardari. He is already facing charges of corruption relating to Surrey Palace, SSG Kotecna, money laundering, commission on public tractor scheme and commission from a French company.

The State Bank of Pakistan has revealed in the finance committee of the Senate that in during PPP’s tenure, Rs 100 billion were paid to IPPs directly and unlawfully. A friend of Asif Ali Zardari Dr. Asim has is accused of fraud of over Rs 460 billion. Former Federal Minister for Communication Arbab Alamgir has received the commission of $240,0000 dollars while giving a contract to a Chinese company. 4 flats were bought in London with this commission.

Nawaz Sharif has been giving the good news of a growing economy since his selection as a Prime Minister. But the condition is that because of their bad governance 150,000 people are unemployed. According to a report of British media, Punjab and Sindh were given aid of Rs 70 million pounds for education. But all money was looted. 5000 schools and 40,000 teachers were proved fake in Sindh. According to a document that was submitted in the National Assembly, PM Nawaz Sharif has not paid tax for 7 years, from 2009 to 2016. Rs 1 billion are being spent on the security of the President Mamnoon Husain.

The Panama Leaks exposed the names of 479 Pakistanis. The names of Nawaz Sharif and his family and Asif Ali Zardari and his friends are also included in this list. All of them adopted wrong ways to avoid tax and caused losses of billions to the country.

The government is spending Rs 162 billion on the Orange Line project in Lahore, which is 8 times bigger than the budget for health. In 2005, one million Pakistanis left the country for earning their livelihood. The basic reason for this migration is unemployment. Doctors are resigning from govt jobs and joining international organisations. According to a survey by the Social Policy Development Center, 3 million youths are living a useless life because they are jobless.

NAB was established to prevent corruption. It received 309,000 complaints about government of non-governmental institutions. It completed 6300 inquiries. In the meantime, a report that was consisted of 150 cases of mega corruption was submitted in Supreme Court. During this period, the inquiry of 71 cases out of 150 has been completed. 41 cases are under observation. The inquiry of 38 cases has been completed and the cases have been referred to the courts. The rulers are facing the charges of corruption and wrong policies. The FBR has not been able to compel the traders to pay tax in spite of all its effort.

JI’s movement for a “Corruption Free Pakistan” has become the demand of the nation after the revelation of Panama Leaks and Dubai Property Leaks. People want that a commission should be established to hold inquiries against all types of corruption. The government is trying to avoid this demand. It is the need of the hour that Chief Justice of Pakistan should appoint a commission on the basis of the TORs of government and opposition. The atmosphere of uncertainty is pervasive. The Federal government is responsible for all dangers that have encircled the nation and the country. Honest political leadership and bureaucracy are necessary for the prevention of corruption.

According to a document that was submitted in the National Assembly, PM Nawaz Sharif has not paid tax for 7 years, from 2009 to 2016.