KARACHI Outdated and flawed methods of investigation further boosts the morale and ideology of the terrorists, who even in detention cells are determined to continue their activities. Despite the arrest of several hardcore militants and recovery of the weapons and explosive, law-enforcement agencies have failed to prevent terrorism, sectarianism and target killing. Not a single culprit has been brought to justice, as the conviction rate remains zero as the law enforcement agencies unable to provide tangible evidences against the culprits, enough to proved them guilty. Recently, arrested militant Waseem alias Barodi confessed to have killed Raza Haider MPA affiliated with MQM and scores of other murders of Shia sect during the course of interrogation conducted by different investigation agencies. Barodi a senior worker of Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP) joined its offshoot Lashker-e-Jahngvi and arrested at least four times before his last capture by Crime Investigation Department (CID) and bailout. An investigator quoting the level of confidence of the culprit, cited one of them as saying, We are on the right path and God help by any means. I have been arrested in murder charges of some 12 people earlier and released because God knows batter whatever I did was not sin. Now I am booked for killing 24 people and will be released in near future because God help all those people working for the God he further said. Barodi, a Bihari speaking man, residing in citys slum Orangi Town, vowed to continue his activities in future and believed in release very soon. Barodi not even arrested repeatedly by the law enforcers but also under strict observation under 4th Schedule category of hardcore militants, bound to visit concern police station weekly and unable to move away anywhere without permission. Sources closed to Barodi revealed that a couple of days earlier of his arrest, Barodi knocked the door of the court against the security agencies for his repeated arrest. While source investigated the case told that he was a notorious criminal tried to engage law enforcement agencies in court rulings to avoid his arrest. He said that this time forensic lab reports proved that the weapon recovered from his possession being used in the killing of the various people including the MQM parliamentary member of Sindh Assembly, murder of Khadim Hussain son of the leader of Shia Action Committee and various other murders. A senior police official wish to be anonymous told TheNation that procedure of investigation, tools and techniques have been outdated across the world but here, nothing had changed. He said that worldwide investigators started the investigation from crime scene but here we reached at the crime scene after the arrest of the culprits. He added that the criteria of evidences admissibility remain not change and criminals would be bailout just over little benefit of doubt. He further added that people, even the blood relatives of deceased persons not bother to appear in the court as witness because lack of trust and fear of their lives.