The history of floods in Pakistan was not old as floods had recently struck a decade ago, particularly in 2010.

The heavy monsoon rains in the initial days of September affect the major cities of Pakistan, especially Karachi. It bears more on the Indus river. The situation of the Sukkur Barrage is showing the dreadful impact of these floods as it has no space left to stop the flow of water. However, the condition of the Sukkur Barrage is not as appropriate as it was in 2010. It is estimated that more water can cause damage to the barrage. The barrage will not tolerate the pressure of water of the flood now.

The impact of it will also be seen on the poor who live on catching fish and sleep in huts nearby which can also be destroyed. If the same incident occurs, it will clearly show that our government has no interest to make these areas of Pakistan prosperous. The more it makes progress, the more people become happy.

It is sad to say that Pakistan has not constructed its dam yet which will save water and can stop the destruction from the flood. Tennyson says in Ulysses, “Tis not late to see the newer world.” Similarly, our government should take some necessary steps to tackle this problem.