LAHORE-After a sad incident of Lahore Motorway, the trend of learning karate techniques got boost among young girls, who have started learning these techniques for ‘self defence’. 

Pakistan Martial Arts Association (PMAA) President Anwar Mohiuddin, in collaboration with Apex Group of Colleges Taj Bagh, has arranged the training to prepare the girls for self defence. The training helped the participants learn how to disarm the attackers, how to protect themselves from robbers while driving and many other skills to cope with any untoward incident bravely and confidently. 

PMAA Chief Anwar Mohiuddin told The Nation that his mission is to empower women especially young girls and prepare them for every upcoming challenge courageously. “Like my own two daughters, I have been training daughters of the nation for their self defence. For this cause, many of my friends as well as my trainers, masters and some Pak Army officials encouraged me and applauded my cause, which further boosted my morale to continue this good work. 

“In current circumstances, not only in Pakistan, but also in entire world, it is necessary for every girl and even boys to learn self defence techniques. I have been working in this regard for the last five years after the APS incident and this cause further got boost after the recent Lahore Motorway incident. It is my request to every responsible citizen to let their kids trained for self defence while the government should also take pragmatic steps to make it compulsory for every institution to train their students self defence techniques.”

The students appreciated the women empowering initiative taken by PMAA and Apex Group of Colleges. “We have learnt a lot through this training and now we are capable of giving tough times to those, who consider us weak. Hopefully, we will be able to defend ourselves in a better way and it is our advice to other girls to do learn this art, which will shelter them in tough times.”