SWABI – Khyber Pakhtun-khwa, CM, Ameer Haidar Khan Hoti has said Afghanistan is an abode to Pakhtuns, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is Pakhtuns soil, so one going from one home to another cannot be called a migrant.

This he said while talking to media during his visit to Gaju Khan Baba’s mausoleum at Shah Mansoor on Saturday. In a detailed briefing he was informed that Baba was born in 1490 in Kabul.  He participated in the battles of Swat, Malakand in 1515. At that time he was in a young age but despite that he fought gallantly.  Later he became commandant of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region.  After Malik Ahmad Khan death he assumed power to rule the KP region for about 35 years. During his ruling Baba had fought many famous battles, giving ignominious defeats to a number of attackers.  He died in 1565 in Swabi and buried at Shah Mansoor. During his rule he opened many educational institutions, strengthened the irrigation and Batul Mal system, built Barani Dam, established many markets and helped the traders set up more business centres.

It has been learnt that the total cost of the tomb is Rs 86.738 million. The mausoleum is under construction and it estimated cost is Rs 11.3 million and the remaining amount would be spent on the five kilometres road linking the mazar with the Shahmansoor Township.

A few rooms and a mosque would also be built in the premises of the Baba graveyard. The area of the mazar is about 14-kanal.

The chief minister directed the officials of the Works and Services Department that the construction of the mazar road should be completed very soon.

He ruled out the construction of library there.

The chief minister said Gaju Khan Baba was a great leader of Pakhtuns and he was happy to work on the works and tomb of Pakhtun leader. “Gaju Khan Baba was one of the great leaders of Pakhtuns and he fought and won many battles. If any person has any information about such distinguished personalities in his/ her area he/ she should immediately informed the Awami National Party government.

We have a plan to build the mausoleums of such leaders,” he said. He lauded the role of those nations who work on their forefathers/ leaders contributions and lashed over those who forgot their great leaders.

However, he said that ANP government has made an illustrious contributions and the work on the Gaju Khan Baba mazar is crystal example.