lahore-In an industry where playing the central character is the only way to get noticed, Asma Abbas has managed the impossible. She has established herself in the tinsel town in short span of time. Seeing the record of her achievements one can easily place her among the most influential women in our showbiz industry. Asma is best known for her roles in serials like Saltanat e Dil, Mamta, Laadon Mein Pali, Mann Ke Moti and Janam Jali. In an exclusive interview with The Nation she talks about her career and success. Following are the excerpts of the interview:

Tell us about your role in the film Teefa in Trouble?

I am playing Mrs. Butt who is a very flamboyant woman and speaks in the typical Lahori language that is spoken inside the old walled city area. She is a rich woman who likes to show off money and her jewellery.

What attracted you to script?

Ahsan Rahim and Ali Zafar were the sole reason I signed the film as they said that they could only imagine me in the role.

What do you look for a script before signing a film?

There were many factors that led me to take up this project. The first was the fact that it was being directed by Ahsan Rahim. Creating interesting, realistic characters is an art in itself. To find the right dose of believability and novelty to mix together and form an exciting, plausible character ranks as one of the hardest tasks in screenwriting. For me character importance matter a lot. Even if it’s a small role, I see the impact.

Looking at your journey in Pakistani drama industry, is there any phase you felt you had hit a low or did not perform as perfection?

Well, I have still not experienced anything challenging enough to feel something like that.

Why do you want to act in films?

Most of our actors in drama industry are shifting towards film industry. So, I decided this is the right time to move from TV screen to big screen. I have sung in both of my upcoming films so it was a plus for me.

Was it easy to act for the big screen?

It’s a very different and difficult experience but very exciting and interesting.

How was your experience of working with Ahsan Rahim?

It was amazing experience. He let me do whatever I wanted to with the character. He gave me complete freedom to perform under my perception.

Any memorable story from the sets…

There was a catch phrase “hanjee hanjee “ that I created myself for my character and slowly everyone started adopting it in every sentence they said. It was hilarious when everyone made it an anthem.

Did you discover something about yourself while playing comic role?

No! I always knew I could do a comic role well. But I was always inclined towards the serious roles.

Why are you not found attending functions and awards nights? Is there any special reason?

Mostly because they happen in Karachi and I am Lahore based. Plus it’s never been very exciting for me to go to any such functions. There is no such reason. I just look at my comfort.

Why do they say performing comedy roles is more difficult?

It’s because it requires a lot of variation and timing.

What is your forte as an actor?

I would like to become a character actor and be called upon for roles that are very tough and challenging.