LAHORE - Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar ordered transfer of Punjab Land Record Authority (PLRA) Director General Captain Zafar, observing that “insulting behaviour towards women cannot be tolerated in any case”.

“Immediately transfer him to any other department,” the top judge said while addressing Punjab Chief Secretary Zahid Saeed during hearing of a complaint moved by a woman officer Iram Shehzadi against her transfer orders. The courtroom was packed with women applicants who had come there for redressal of their grievances and there was not even a single seat available to sit. The crowd and rush in the courtroom caused problems for the Chief Justice of Pakistan to carry out the proceedings on human rights complaints due to which he asked the male applicants to go out and wait in the other courtroom until he hears complaints of women.

Captain Zafar, the DG of the authority, came to the rostrum when he was called to explain as to why he transferred the woman applicant to other city. The officer, however, could not submit the convincing answer. Punjab Chief Secretary Zahid Saeed tried to explain the case, raising objection to the service record of the woman but the woman cried for help.

Iram Shehzadi said she was not the only woman who was victim of the department DG but there were many other women who had been serving there in serious trouble due to cruel behaviour of the DG. Her colleague, who was weeping beside the rostrum, said that she was suspended by the DG just over a one-day leave.

On this, the CJP asked him to explain as to why he suspended her and transferred the other. “We can’t bear such officer who behaves women rudely,” the CJP observed. The top judge ordered the Chief Secretary to immediately transfer him. The DG was stunned to hear this. On this, the CJP said that why he was so worried; it was a simple transfer order.

The CJP asked him how much salary was he drawing? He said that he was getting over Rs440,000. The reply surprised the CJP who asked the Chief Secretary that how his appointment was made as DG of the authority. “I have asked other DMGs to return the money they had got as heads of the public sector companies,” the CJP said, while giving direction to the government to transfer the officer.

As women heard the order for transfer of their boss, they started clapping in the courtroom. The CJP said they should not clap as he did not want his personal praise. The court was also informed that anti-corruption establishment was investigating corruption charges against some of the officers of the authority. He ordered that the investigation should be continuously carried out without any prejudice. The CJP also asked the officers of the PLRA to end their strike and appear before the court if they had any genuine reason.  The CJP also heard around 200 human rights complaints—most of the women litigants who had come from different parts of the province.

Hearing a man’s plea against abduction and torture of his son allegedly by MNA Afzal Khokhar, the top judge directed a police officer to convey to the MNA that no hooliganism would be tolerated.