ISLAMABAD Ministry of Environment is planning to establish an advisory board with a view to consult on important matters and issues pertaining to environment, it was learnt. According to official sources, a meeting of high-ups of the Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency (Pak-EPA) and Environment Ministry was recently held in which it was decided to appoint an advisory board that could provide independent advice on the issues relating to environment. The main objective of an advisory board is to discuss the environmental issues threadbare and evolve a constructive and pragmatic planning programme on environmental matters. Officials closed to development opined that the establishment of the advisory board paves the way for implementing key provisions, consultation on environmental polices and programmes for adapting correct methodologies for effective implementation of environmental projects. They further continued that the advisory board would also point out shortcomings and lacunas in polices and programmes and discuss and review relevant environmental laws. Members of board would be selected purely on the basis of their knowledge, skills and experience relating to the field of environment. Official also sources informed that earlier the environment ministry had an advisory board for having opinion of environmental issues, but unfortunately it could not work efficiently and its meeting could not regularly held.