Unavailability of English Newspaper is a serious issue in Turbat where the residents are far from getting the current news about the world. As being an English Teacher at DELTA Academy yet, I am entirely failed to provide Newspaper to my students who have been undergoing from this issue which has created several disturbances on our education either. Painfully, Turbat lacks English newspaper for a long before, (except The nation) but still no one talks about its resolution yet and our leaders are as silent like a dead grave. 

Newspapers are the only sources to provide us the world’s news regularly and students read them for the improvement of their knowledge. It has affected the students’ education a lot, as Turbat too lacks online internet system of 2G, 3G and 4G due to which the people can’t visit the online websites for reading the newspapers yet. Only PTCL system is available that isn’t affordable for everyone, as consequence, we miss the daily news of the world in Turbat. 

It sounds a very serious issue to be solved very earlier but no one seems taking any action on this actionable issue_ being faced by the residents of Turbat. So, we (Teachers) humbly request to the recent Government of Balochistan and District Commissioner of Turbat to solve this major issue by removing the ban on selling Newspaper in order to save the education of the students in Turbat. We expect that now our poor voices will be listent by our leaders and will resolve this issue very soon because it is already too late. 


Balochistan, August 8.