Recently the immense rainfall in Skardu Baltistan caused the flood situation especially in Rigayool, Shagri Kalan, Shagri Bala and Tinjus area which effected badly the irrigated area, houses, and fertile land.

The inhabitant of Rigayool faced the intensity of flood last year and now they face this situation again.

Many houses of Shagri Kalan and in Tinjos area were demolished due to these natural disasters.

Due to this disaster, the life of the affected area is stagnant. They lacked availability of drinking water.

On this disaster and alarming situation when the flood struck the inhabitants, they complained the government machinery for help.

Mostly people demanded following from the government.

1) In this situation, the government should allocate financial aid to the affected area.

2) The government should have formulated precautionary steps for future to tackle such situation.

3) The government should have supported the inhabitants in removing all the encroachments around the canal to provide a way for the flood.