The attacks on Peshawar by the Taliban militants seem both varied and unremitting. After a week which started with an attack on the airport and concluded with a blast which killed KPK Senior Minister Bashir Bilour and eight others, there were attacks on three Levies check posts near the city on Thursday. Two troops were killed, but bad as that was, 33 kidnapped as about 200 heavily armed militants targeted the check posts at Zaray, Zarka Kohi Hassankhel and Ghaki Sar.Pakistan should not negotiate with those who do not accept its writ, it has a duty to protect its citizens from those would rewrite the very nature of the Pakistani state. Negotiations are always an option, but the fact remains that terrorist elements killing our soldiers and attacking Pakistani soil and citizenry, is no justification for opposition to the Afghan war. The terrorists would have the last ten years reversed. That is impossible. They would convince us that negotiations while they continue to hold knives to our soldiers throats are a good thing. That logic is repulsive to us. They would pretend their fight is not with Pakistan, yet they target only those who have sworn an oath of loyalty to Pakistan and its flag. The nation is aware of this. The simple fact of the matter is that the Taliban and their ilk will find no sympathy here. Pakistan has a long way to progress and prosperity and we will not be fooled by those who would undo the very state by their fake rhetoric of religious glorification. All prayers are for the safety of our soldiers. We await news of them from the government. May they return home safely.