All of us have witnessed the revolutionary change in the Pakistani film industry. The year 2013 brought back the Lollywood from its fallen ashes. The resurrection took place as soon as independent, talented and passionate young directors took the task of exercise their potential in the film industry. The cinema industry had been dead for a tad bit too long where nothing productive or game changing for that matter came out in the cinemas to attract its audiences. Where nothing was really expected, this year small projects with not so big movie budgets emerged showing talent in its rawest form. Gradually the pace picked up where movies like Waar and Main Hoon Shahid Afridi were released giving hope that all was not lost in the movie industry. Cinema goers themselves have matured and after having watched Hollywood and Bollywood’s done to perfection movies, have increased expectations. Luckily enough, our own audiences have been there appreciating each movie that hit the cinemas. As the content has reasonably improved and as the storylines touch the chords in the cinemagoer’s heart, the face of the Pakistani cinema is in for a big change. Walk with us as we take a look at the game changers for the year 2013:

1. Waar

The highest grossing movies Pakistani movie of all time, took the stage this year earning a whooping 215 million rupees after its release. Endorsed and appreciated by international directors, “Waar” won hearts and swooped the Pakistani audience away as shows in cinemas went houseful for a good 2 months! Bilal Lashari, the young dynamic and immensely talented director, is described by Javed Sheikh as one of the people who will be responsible for bringing this revolutionary change in the Pakistani Industry. Beating Syed Noor’s infamous “Chooriyan”, Waar was the biggest game changer for the Pakistani Cinema.

2. Main Hoon Shahid Afridi

One another sincere effort by the Humayun Saeed franchise, a great sports movie became successful as it scored a good 53 million in business after its initial release. The film features Humayun Saeed, Javed Shaikh and Noman Habib in the lead roles whilst Shahid Afridi and Ayesha Omar make special appearances. The film was true to the audience and true to the national sentiment associated with cricket. The audiences whooped and cheered as the hero fought and cried and sat motionless as he got beat. Not one cheap leer as Mahnoor Baloch ran on the beach in skimpy shorts (shows our audiences are growing up too, thankfully) and not one sarcastic hoot as the new boy on screen broke into uncontrollable sobs.

3. Zinda Bhaag

A venture of three independent film makers, Zinda Bhaag was a feat to watch as it lured in a big name like Naseerudin Shah and told a gripping tale in Lahore. Earning an impressive 20 million in business, Zinda Bhaag was selected as the Pakistani entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 86th Academy Awards, the first in ever 50 years. The musical bliss produced by Bagga and the reinvention of the infamous “Paani da Bulbala’ by Abrar Ul Haq was one of the highlights of the brilliantly executed movie.

4. Chambaili

Chambaili is a 2013 Pakistani Urdu-language political thriller film directed by Ismail Jilani which aptly released at the time when the elections were in full swing. Chambaili is the first political drama in the history of Pakistani cinema, exploring the subject of political corruption. At its release, the film surpassed Bollywood's Ashaqui 2 and Hollywood's Oblivion at the Pakistani box office. It was discussed in the national media, and has been praised for its contribution to democracy in Pakistan. Chambaili has been credited with galvanizing non-voters and youth to vote in the 2013 Pakistani general elections, which had a large turnout. Political parties in the country played songs from its soundtrack during campaign rallies, as young people resonated with the film and its music as part of increased social and political activism.

5. Lamha (Seedlings)

The film received alot of international acclaim before being released in Pakistan. The film premiered in the New York Film Festival and won or was nominated for several awards. It went on to be nominated for many other awards and in various international film festivals across the globe.

6. Josh

The films that initially faced problems in finding a distributor, managed to earn 3.7 million in business and was a success with audiences. A Pakistani mystery thriller drama film written, directed and produced by Iram Parveen Bilal with co-producers Saad Bin Mujeeb and Kelly Thomas. The film stars Aamina Sheikh, Mohib Mirza, Khalid Malik, Naveen Waqar.

7. Siyyah

The first horror movie Pakistan saw after a really long time, managed to grasp some audiences in cinemas because of a strong plot. Although the actors were relatively new, it was good to see some diversity growing in the Pakistani industry aswell. Such experimenting is what gradually will be the factor that makes the Pakistani Film Industry a successful one.

Whats next for the year 2014?

The journey doesn’t end here does it? The year 2014 is expected to be much more exciting for our cinema. With these films giving a break and opening point for new films to enter, many films are already in the pipeline to be released in the year 2014. Take a look:

1. Operation 021 (formerly The Extortionist)[

This  is an upcoming Pakistani spy Action thriller film[2] directed by Summer Bodhi Nicks and produced by Zeba Bakhtiar, Azaan Sami Khan.[3] It's Pakistan's first Spy Action Thriller movie[4] and currently in a final stage of production.

The film, produced by One Motion Pictures, is based on a screenplay by the international award winning writer, Summer Bodhi Nicks. Zeba Bakhtiar is the film’s executive producer and the lead roles are played by Aamina Sheikh, winner of the best actress prize at the New York International Film Festival, the renowned actor Shaan Shahid who has received kudos through countless Pakistani blockbusters, and Iman Ali.

The trailer previews story is based on real life events including bombing of NATO tanks in Afghanistan. All the latest technology and gadgets are used to make the film an international level Spy-Action Thriller of Pakistan. The idea of this movie is to give a new genre to Pakistani cinema that has not been experimented seriously.

2. Kaptaan

Kaptaan - The Making of a Legend (Urdu: کپتان‎) is an upcoming Lollywood film. It's a biographical film about the life of Pakistani politician, social worker and former cricketer Imran Khan. The title is Urdu for 'Captain' indicating his captaincy of the Pakistan cricket team which led them to victory in the 1992 cricket world cup.

3.  Lands End

Lands End formerly known as Kolachi is an upcoming Pakistani, Australian, and Indian Sci-fi feature film co-production, directed by Summer Nicks. It is produced by Meher Jaffri, Joe Thomas and Craig Peter Jones under the banner of Bodhicitta Works (Pvt.)Ltd. and Xeitgeist Entertainment Group, Australia. 'Lands End' deals with different demographics of people from Pakistan's largest city Karachi who are forced to come to terms with the end of civilization.

4. Moor

Moor is an upcoming Pakistani family/drama film written & directed by Jamshed Mahmood, based on decline of the railways system in Pakistan. Moor is Pushto word meaning mother. Its trailer has already made the audience to have high expectations as its release in March is anticipated by many. The plot revolves around railway system of Balochistan, especially the closure of Zhob Valley railways in 1984.

5. The System

The System is an upcoming Pakistani Urdu-language action drama film subtitled in English, Directed by Norway-based Shahzad Ghufoor produced by Leos Productions (Norway) and Prime film int. Starring Shehraz, Nadeem Baig, Kashaf Ali, Shafqat Cheema, Irfan Koshart, Ejaz Nayyar, Rabia Tabassum, Saleem Shah, Saima Saleem, Mariyam Ali Hussiain & Saira. Film is set in a neighbourhood in Lahore and will telescope out from the everyday lives of a middle-class family to expose local corruption.