What an enthralling year for fashion! As we celebrate the new years, Sunday Plus takes a look back at the year 2013 and what it did for Pakistani fashion. A year that celebrated immense creativity and that welcomed all kinds of designers, this year was jampacked with fashion shows, Collection showcases, exhibitions, openings and what not! We welcome you to our virtual yearbook — complete with fashion's favorite contenders, from the most popular to the best looking.Plus, the unexpected surprises — moments you may have forgotten…or would like to forget (Meera’s wardrobe malfunctions for one). So, join us on our look back on 2013: A year of nostalgia and innovation, unforgettable collections and faces, revivals and relaunches, doors both opening and closing, and, of course, the progress of the business of fashion.


Best Collections

What were those collections that left everybody in awe? That won the hearts of many and that were worn the most by everybody? Take a look at the breakdown of our 13 favorite collections from the year 2013.

  1. 1.       Soigne by Shehla Chatoor

Undoubtedly, one of the best collections of 2013 was indeed Shehla Chatoor’s  Spring/Summer 2013 Collection, Soigne, an ode to the eloquence of architecture and the splendor of ornament. Her collection defined luxury prêt and was one of her best contemporary collections to date. It bought her a lot of critical acclaim and very soon you could see everyone wanting to order a Shehla Chatoor outfit. For this collection, Shehla transformed fabrics into a sublime sculptural form with elegant lines and a defined silhouette. The designer primarily used silks coupled with gold chains, metallic mesh, streaming tassels and lattice-like leather cut-work embellishments to complete the look. The collection featured fluid and sinuous togas, cocktail dresses and wraps that draped the body with grace and femininity.

  1. 2.       The Orientalist by Kamiar Rokni

Kamiar Rokni made a comeback with his collection “The Orientalist” which brought him back at his A game. His collection was a masterpiece  that infused all the elements of what makes a designer successful. The Orientalist will go down in history as a ‘bridal’ collection created by the able House of Kamiar Rokni to elevate design and art in a similar way. It was a piece of art, not just a trendy collection aiming to benefit from lucrative bridal cycle. The finest of silks, brocades, velvets and delicate net gauzes brought the glory of each ensemble to the catwalk. There was vintage splendour, created through exquisite colour palettes and the jackets…the long and short of it is that they were magnificent.

  1. 3.       Configurations by Misha Lakhani

Misha Lakhani’s collection “Configurations” at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2013 screamed “Laid Back Luxury Pret” , offering a variety of relaxed silhouettes to the modern day socialite. Her collection was an absolute hit even though it was her debut at that particular fashion week. Her signature belted maxis ran throughout the collection, with embellished net dopattas draped onto dresses for a more formal, east-meets-west vibe Based in fabrics such as crushed silk, tie-&-dye chiffon, georgette, crepe, net and shamose satin, the color palette varied from citronelle green to olive ,ivory, cranberry red & black. The styling was kept minimal aiming for an effortless, boho-Chic look.

  1. 4.       Gatsby by Karma Pink

Karma Pink who showcased their spring/summer 2013 collection named Gatsby which drew inspiration from the roaring twenties and The Great Gatsby, was an absolute hit. With the right amount of drama and fun at stage, Karma did their absolute best in bringing out a creatively successful collection. The collection’s mainstay fabrics were pure silks and chiffons. The silhouette was inspired from the 1920’s flapper girls and modernized into contemporary luxury prêt to merge into modern day fashion.

  1. 5.       Feeha Jamshed

Inspired by how women have discovered and transformed themselves from the beginning of 19th century through the 60s and finally reaching the quintessential 90s working women, Feeha Jamshed presented her Spring/Summer Collection at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week. Feeha used colours such as blacks, whites and metallic on an array of experimental surfaces such as sequin, embroidered fabrics and leather. The entire collection was based on the cuts of 90s with the 60s prints and vice versa and predominately consisted of a variety of pants: cigarette, skinny harem, sailor cropped, cu-lots, draped and pixie tunics with a slight safari vibe; with a variety of sleeves and various textures throughout the pieces completing the masculinity in feminine clothing.

  1. 6.       Ali Zeeshan Jageer

Ali Zeeshan’s collection “Jageer” is all about magnificence and grandeur.  The collection highlighted the era right after partition, inspired and Retrieved from inherited routes and sovereignty, highlighting the timeworn ancestral possessions And assets restored in timeless creations. ‘Jaageer’ was an antiquity of the riches and goods, With ethereal techniques and melodic cuts representing the finesse and feel of royalty. Thecollection featured a stirring palette with serene and electrifying hues, fabrics that poured Prowess like an empress, aptly demonstrative of the colours of the sub-continent. ‘Jaageer’ Featured heirloom pieces, where each piece dug in to the provenance and history of the Thakurain’s and the Rathor’s. The collection showcased both women’s wear and menswear ensembles. Acc

  1. 7.       The Hyderabad Collection by Nida Azwer


The Hyderabad Collection at the PBCW was a delightful sight. For her collection, designer Nida Azwer draws inspiration from the traditional Hyderabadi aesthetic. The collection highlights the grandeur, luxury and affluent lifestyle of the Hyderabadi Nawabs, through rich fabrics such as maisuri silk, brocade, featuring intricate embroideries of exotic birds, dragonflies and other creatures inspired from French florals as well as figurative embroidery inspired by Mughal miniatures. In terms of silhouettes, expect voluminous Hyderabadi dupattas paired with classic Hyderabadi shirts with low backs, choli lehnga’s featuring detailed resham work and signature Nida Azwer angharkha’s, all in a diverse colour palette of off-white, gold, silver, yellows, greens and pinks with accents of dark greys and browns, ivories and coppers.

  1. 8.       Iznik Collection by Deepak Perwani

The Iznik collectiom captured audiences from start to finish with its powerful portrayal of modern poetry in motion inspired by central asia and the glorious Ottoman Empire. The ensembles centered around magnificently detailed tapestry dupattas with velvet and screen print finishing. And what could be more wonderful than Maheen Khan walking as the showstopper for the amazing collection.

  1. 9.       Finding Glory by Aamna

Aamna’s collection Finding Glory was indeed a glorious show of black and gold with some delicious leg action, reminiscent of Gucci’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection. Cropped black jackets with gold work embellishments were paired with either a long gold dress or black leather tights and gold accents. A pair of black tights ending in a funky black and white print with gold studs was a creative and interesting feature in the collection. Aamna confidently showed how black is never boring when paired with a chic slashed gold skirt, embellished hot pants or playsuit. We absolutely love the floor length black and gold coat with worked bodice that was cut off at the front, a little below the waist. Three cheers for Aamna

  1. 10.   Flight by Maheen Khan

You can always trust Maheen Khan to present a well-tailoured collection that leaves you amazed at how well she can use simple, unembellished fabric with sophistication. Her FPW5 collection titled Flight was a tribute to species of birds that face the threat of extinction.  In navy, camel, silver and gold hues, Maheen used mostly chiffons and silks to make shirts varying in length between the waist and knee.  The cuts echoed Maheen’s modern approach, with more fitted silhouettes and one-shoulder shirts over layered pants and voluminous skirts. The un-embellished silver and ivory sari modeled by Ayyan is our favourite for its classic Maheen Khan element of minimalism.


  1. 11.   Truck Art by Rizwan Beyg

Truck art was redefined like never before, created by artisans in rural areas, and the entire collection was manufactured ‘ethically’. The images were so powerful and so inherently Pakistani. This was a show only someone with Rizwan Beyg’s confidence could have put out. It was visually splendid.


  1. 12.   Muse by HSY

What’s an HSY show without some drama? The couturier presented his collection titled My Muse – a tribute to three renowned Pakistani women that he has enjoyed styling and who have inspired him by their confidence and beauty. These included model-turned-entrepreneur Vaneeza, model Mehreen Syed and Lollywood queen Reema. We enjoyed the three different themse HSY showcasesd that won our hearts instantly. From there on, HSY presented a range of subtle coral and peach outfits but while they were overwhelming in terms of styling and colour, the overall look was typical of his work and not out of the box.  The final segment saw an array of daring midnight blue ensembles with Reema as showstopper. The luminous collection including silver handwork and semi-precious stones was definitely the strongest. The menswear collection in this segment was simple and wearable with clean cuts.

Best Designers of the year 2013


Elan has been one of the brands that have consistently delivered its best throughout the year. From their prêt collection at PSFW to their bridals at the PLBW, Elan has struck us all with their impeccable design aesthetic and Khadija Shah’s ability to perform. Her ‘Ode to a Nightangle’ collection was an absolute hit and so was her mesmerizing  “Sultanate” collection at the PFDC L’oreal Bridal Fashion Week. Her team was also part of the initiative of “Project Pakistan” in collaboration with Elan sports.

Misha Lakhani

Misha Lakhani epitomizes restrained elegance.  As Ameena Isani points out” The balance this young designer manages to strike between embellishment and artistry is reflective of a very confident aesthetic, one that boasts of design integrity as opposed to the vulgarity of commercial success alone.” After her winning debut at the PLBW 2013, when she had only just begun her label, has only become more seasoned and stronger as a designer which is why we had to name her in our list. Her collections bring out something new each time complimenting her very own unique understanding of fashion. Throughout the year she has been appreciated and worn by many celebrities and her collections have received a lot of critical acclaim. 

Sana Safinaz

Sana Safinaz are now seen as seasoned professionals who have now established on their own grounds a bi name in the fashion industry. They have been seen as the lawn goddesses but this year  with the launch of their flagship store and the collections they have showcased at every fashion show, they have achieved yet another milestone in their fashion careers.

Ali Zeeshan

To say that this man is just a fashion designer would be quintessentially wrong. Ali Zeeshan is an artist, a showman, a person who leaves a mark and creates an impression, his work and theatrics demand attention and that’s exactly what he has done throughout the year. From PSFW to PLBW and to the very recent Bridal Couture Week, he has done it all. All his collections have had a very complete theatric look that reflects his very own personality. His collections have been wowed at and have received immense critical acclaim. He has been active throughout the year and has some wonderful fashion shoots to his credit.

Sania Maskatiya

Sania Maskatiya has been in the business for quite some time now but her brand got the real recognition this year and rightly so. Starting off from her lawn collection to her prêt and bridal collections at the fashion show, she has experimented with colors and imagery that no one really ventured into before. Her design aesthetic shows her confidence in her own self and in doing what she does best.

Shehla Chatoor

Shehla Chatoor was undoubtedly the most worn designer of the year 2013. A woman of class, her designs took a toll as you could see every hot shot on all the events scoring a Shehla Chatoor outfit. Her impeccable designs are chic and exude an aura of class that everybody wanted to get their hands on.

Fashionista of the year

Zara Peerzada

Who has been the most chic impeccably dressed stylista of the year 2013? None other then our very own Zara Peerzada. There are some people that stick to a very minimal dressing up style, but this girl outdid herself every time she attended any event. Always experimenting with her style and looking the absolute best everywhere, she had to be the fashionista of the year 2013.

Emerging Talent of the year 2013

Mahgul by Nasreen Sheikh

Mahgul for Nasreen Shaikh debuted her capsule collection at the ZONG Promotes Emerging Talent segment of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2013. Titled ‘The Archive Collection’, the new designer found inspiration in old photographs from the Civil and Military Gazette to create pieces that attempted to re-invent a traditional aesthetic sensibility in a more modern context. Her collection and the fabulous clutches are already everyone’s favorite and her brand is already running successfully.

Deena Rehman

Deena Rehman is one of those designers who will hit it big in the coming year. Her debut at the PLBW 2013 was an absolute hit and goes on to show her immense potential.

Saima Azhar

The new model who won the Lux Style Award seems to be excelling at a very fast pace. Known as the “Angelina Jolie” of Pakistan, her face has been embraced by many brands this year.

Abdullah Harris

It will be wrong to put Abdullah Harris in the Emerging category, however the man himself is a talent hub who has made it big this year. After being nominated for the LSAs and some extremely brilliant shoots and photography, Abdullah Harris portrays creativity at its best.