The condition of womenfolk in today’s deprived and denied Sindh province is, indeed, deplorable. They are lagging behind in all walks of life as compared with the women folk from other provinces. They are kept deprived of all fundamental rights. Female infanticide has become rampant in the district bordering with Balochistan and Punjab. The past successive regimes and even the incumbent provincial government have done nothing to lessen their miseries. It has done nothing to ameliorate their socioeconomic conditions. It has done nothing to educate and empower them. It has done nothing to illuminate their hidden talents so that their talents may be used for the progress and development of the province. Our rulers must pay attention to the womenfolk in the upper and lower Sindh districts. They should not do anything else, but revive those values and respect for women in Sindhi society. In this matter they must sow the seeds of education for them and open those schools which are still shut or converted into "crime corners" by the feudal lords. They must also ensure the availability of teachers wherever schools were opened during the days of ZAB. Besides, they should also be provided the jobs in the Sindh Banks and other federal and provincial organizations and the services of contractual women employees such as lady doctors of the Family Planning, District and deputy district attorneys of also other various  provincial organisations should be regularised as being done by the federal government,  so as to change the fate of women in Sindh province.


Islamabad, January 26.