ISLAMABAD - The Jamaat e Islami chief Senator Siraj ul Haq on Tuesday alleged that flour and sugar crises was pre-planned and those responsible for it belong to the ruling party. Speaking to media outside the parliament house, the JI chief said that Prime Minister Imran Khan was aware of those who are involved in such as mess. “Had the opposition people been responsible they would have been captured,” Siraj ul Haq observed. Lashing out at PM, he said that Imran Khan knew about the mafia involved in creating crisis and PM also knew about his helplessness in exposing or holding them accountable for being involved in this act. “Incompetency of the government was directly benefiting the mafias  but will not allow this mafia anymore to suck the blood of poor people of the country,” Siraj ul Haq vowed.

The JI chief admired proceedings of Baldia Factory fire case in Sindh High Court and said that such cases of public interest let the people learn actual facts and figures. He said that the nation wanted to see murderers of 260 people in the Baldia Factory to get an exemplary punishment. Siraj observed there is a double standard of justice system in Pakistan. “There are two different justice systems. One for poor and another for rich people; the JI chief said, adding that if the poor person is involved in any crime he would face dire consequences and if a rich person is involved in a similar crime the authorities opt for keeping their eyes shut.