FAISALABAD - As many as five persons got seriously injured in separate roof collapse incidents in different parts of Faisalabad during the past 24 hours.

Police said on Tuesday that the roofs of old and dilapidated buildings caved in due to recent drizzle in Jaranwala near Sabzi Mandi and at Narwala Road near Adda Chakera.

Five persons-- Furqan, Ghulam-e-Makkah, Adnan, Muhammad Riaz and Muhammad Younus received serious injuries and Rescue 1122 shifted them to hospitals.

two Fake callers,


Police arrested two persons on the charge of fake dacoity calls during the past 12 hours.

Police spokesman said on Tuesday that Ehsan Shah of Mohallah Usman Ghani and Nauman Ejaz resident of Mohallah Sharif Pura called Rescue 15 and reported fake dacoities.

The police arrested both the accused and locked them behind the bars after registration of cases. Further investigation was underway.

29 outlaws arrested during search operation

The police, during search operation in various areas of the city, have arrested 29 outlaws and recovered illegal weapons from them during last 24 hours. A police spokesman Tuesday said that Sahianwala police conducted search operation in its jurisdiction and nabbed 13 persons along with illegal weapons including two kalashnikov, two rifles, two guns, four pump action repeaters and pistols.

Similarly, Sadar police nabbed 9 persons and recovered 2 rifles (222-bore), four guns (12-bore), four pistols and dozens of bullets/cartridges from their possession.

Meanwhile, Thikriwala police also nabbed seven persons and recovered 2 Kalashnikovs,two rifles and two guns from their possession. These accused were locked behind the bars and further investigation was underway.